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The Official Secret Fawful Appreciation Thread

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yXVJ9.jpgFor your listening pleasure...


In a world full of nerds....the establishment keeps trying to silence him.
They exiled him....but they couldn't keep him down.


75CCB.jpgI'm back, baby!

LucnO.jpghRQov.jpgNow, my loving followers, to show your appreciation
for me and your happiness at my return, I have a task for you.
You see, I happen to have found Comrade Pant's Facebook page.
Spam his inbox with grotesque genitalia and
pictures! Poke him until he goes mad! Do it my flock!
Fly, my pretties! Fly! Get him! Get HIM!

Ladies: you may show your appreciation by taking your tops off and smothering me.

I'm back and they can't stop me! What can they do? Ban me?

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