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Predictions: Get Tannen! Out Now!

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Predictions: Get Tannen is out now! Making this video was even more enjoyable than the last. Sorry for lack of narration at the end; a huge wave of sickness has been passing through and I haven't felt up to recording lines. Thanks to eveyone that helped, I will note that I didn't give Milkman08 credit for some of the lines he improved in the video, and he does deserve credit. I think the video is an improvement on the last, what do you think?

For Episode 3, I'm going to assume it will take place in 1986. Anyone can audition for whatever 1986 character they want, then I can write in a part for the character. It would be nice to hear some new voices!

Edit: The script for episode 3 is almost done! It would be greatly, GREATLY apprecciated if someone wants to do 1986 Edna's voice. Her part is not necessary, but should be funny! Previous offer still stands as well.

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