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csi hard evidence direct 3D problems

posted by Saracanada on - last edited - Viewed by 314 users

XP home service pack 2
HP Pavillion 2.0 GHZ
ATI Radeon X700 series

I have been reading the other threads relating to this issue I am having. I have updated my drivers. I updated Direct X. Re-installed game several times. Tried all the threads suggestions and still nothing. Tried loading from exe ...still same problem . Did error reporting, found out the updater is not downloading the update. I shut off firewall and Norton ...still nothing.
Any more suggestions?

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  • Hi,

    I'm sorry you're having trouble. :( I wanted to let you know that most of our support staff (me included!) are in LA right now for E for All so you might not get an answer right away. The things you've already tried are what I would have suggested.

    One other thought -- right-click the desktop, select Properties, go to the Settings tab, and make sure your Color Quality is set to 32 bit and not 16 bit. Having this set to 16 bit has been known to cause Direct3D errors with our games before.

    You might want to contact Ubisoft directly about the problem you're having downloading the update, because that's their domain, not ours. That said, I don't know about any updates that have been released that would relate to a Direct3D issue, so it might not end up being useful for this issue.

  • Thanks for your reply Emily.
    So now I have the main screen ...but it is saying Bink error????
    I have NO clue what this is or how to fix it
    Anymore tips ?

    Oh how I got to there was I once again unistalled my ati driver ...and installed it with the original CD , then I finally saw the title screen .

    EDIT to say : I uninstalled the game and after the re-install no more bink. So I think the glitch for me was directx ....that was my initial problem .The error I was recieving, and by using my driver CD ...which had directX9c on it fixed it for me. Thanks for your help

  • Glad it's working for you!

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    I just wanna ask if I really can contact Ubisoft for the problem above, can I?

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