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It should be sandbox.

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Its going to be way to linear to be Jurassic Park like. The whole thing of Jurassic Park is free form dino's and can come from anywhere at any time. I LOVE that there's a new attempt at Jurassic Park. And massive respect for that, BUT beleive me it will be your biggest downfall if its soooo story based.
Like the very good Ghost Busters game. Only good for 1 or 2 times.

PLEEEEASE maybe take a look at the Grand Theft Auto and Hakuna Matata Games.
They have a great balance of freeform and story. :o

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  • Nah im not going on about other games lol, Just be good in JP to have the only limit being the surrounding sea. Due to being on a small(ish) island. lol

    They have said it will follow Heavy Rain as an approach. Well i played the demo yesterday and i have to say a few things on this.

    1) Although pretty good, The system of doing your own actions seems a tad pointless when it has to happen anyway for the game/moment/story to carry on. However the time limited actions was fantastic as it had consequences for what you did.

    2) Please do not follow the same camera system and movement Heavy Rain uses, I found it to be very innoying not being able to face where you wished to look. (Also read that many others feel this way) The simple camera many games use(right and left stick movement) seem it would of been better.

    3) And back to the freeform thing, Heavy Rain was the perfect example for this thread.
    Example being that although it looked a big world it felt, and was very much on rails, although it was good, and following a story needs to be like that, Heavy Rain didn't really give us anything to do, Hard to explain but for example there is a road, looks like you would be able to walk it but no, you HAVE to turn left, walk about 10 steps, go down that ally, etc etc.

    Do you get what i mean? Like its very very much on rails.
    Many of you now will be thinking "Well der... thats what a Linear based game is" And yes i know this. BUT...

    Call of Duty(example) is a Linear based game and yet it still very much allows you to move way of track to get the best results like taking cover the long way round or something. Not sooo on rails as Heavy Rain.

    Wow long post, Basically what im saying is please don't follow Heavy Rain to much please. lol

  • Definitely be interesting to see where this game has those Heavy Rain similarities.

  • You cannot compare Call of duty with Heavy Rain. One is a military shooter who focuses only on combat, the other is an Adventure wich focuses only on story and characters and nothing else. You gotta think of what a game is trying to deliver instead of just looking at the level of freedom and use that as an indicator of how good a game is. Its true that games need to be as interactive as possible to use the potential a game has compared to movies, but sometimes too much freedom or freeroam damages the story or drama of the scene. Being able to walk down the street what you mentioned would be totally pointless, there would be nothing down there and the player maybe wouldnt know where to go, wasting his time and breaking the flow of the game

  • I am not comparing the 2 at all. Im using them both as an example.

  • See now this thread aint so stupid as alot of people thought lol... Alot of you seem disapointed that the game does not have much walking or roaming... Thats exactly why i started this thread a while ago...

    And also the TellTale guy says his girls (obviously meaning the dino's lol) are very very clever...
    So if at that scene i do nothing for a while.. will that diddy Triceratops wonder off? or will it stay there chewing on a stick for days and days and days untill i decide to move on?

  • Telltale's games have always been more story focused.
    Creating a sandbox game is not Telltale's style, and never has been.

  • @Masta23 said: Telltale's games have always been more story focused.
    Creating a sandbox game is not Telltale's style, and never has been.

    But it wouldn't hurt for TellTale to throw in some sandbox like elements into their games.

  • I just don't think sandbox is the right gameplay for TellTale. Maybe one day they'll surprise us with one but they're doing such a great job with their point and click games so why stray from that path?

  • good points... but some kind of free roam would of helped i rekon.. when i say sand box.. i dont mean complety. I mean not even being able to walk at all is almost over the top lol

  • That's where I differ from everyone else. Especially when it comes to point and click adventure games. I know when you say not completly sandbox you mean like what they did with BTTF. You control Marty and walk in the small spaces that are given in that game. But Walking isn't really necessary and isn't always present in adventure games.

    In fact, the walking in BTTF was basicly pointless seeing how almost all the items in the area were rignt next to each other and you could just cycle and click on what you wanted to interact with and Marty would walk that way on his own. Seeing how Jurassic Park is more along the lines of the classic adventure game i can see why walking was removed.

    I still understand why some won't like it though. It does make the game very linear. I for one don't mind linear gameplay. I normally bring up Dead Space as an example since that's a very straight forward and linear game. But at the same time, even Dead Space had those extra hallways and rooms that you could enter but didn't have to. It's the idea of straying off the main path to explore other areas that appeals to a lot of gamers. I like doing that stuff too.

    But I still think TellTale is making an awesome game here. And as long as the story is good, the characters are likeable, and some cool stuff happens along the way then I won't mind the linear gameplay.

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