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The official Lack-of-character-movement-thread

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Maybe I'm just overreacting, but this quick travel thing and no character movement at all really just bugs me out. I actually want to know how many people here feel the same, cause to me skipping all kind of movement really takes much of the overall gameplay feel and immersion. I'm not talking about the simple puzzles, the QTEs or this cinematic style, I just feel that without some kind of roaming something is really missing and I fear that this dissappointment will spoil that game for me!

I'm usually not the one to say than games need to be this and that, but this is Jurassic Park and one of the things I was excited the most is visiting movie locations and walking around and exploring them. That definetly wont be achieved by switching between some screens. Not even Heavy Rain skipped movement, cause they knew it just feels different. I also dont know how they want to create suspense when you are not able to move. Only though cut-scenes?

I want to make a suggestion:

Please make this quick travel optional. I know that without it it wouldnt be possible to switch characters like seen in the demo, but at least give the player the choice wether to walk between those screens when its possible or use quick travel, maybe by switching walk-function on or off in the menue or simply as an additional way to navigate. This would please gamers who like to walk around and those who think its tedious.
When not for all non-QTE parts, then at least in sequences where bigger areas are visited without one big puzzle to solve. Maybe quick travel could then be optional by unlocking them when a place is visited the first time to shorten backtracking

In the demo when first selected the shed, there was actually a short cut-scene showing him walking to it. So you have the animations, additional camera-angles, shouldnt be a big effort to add this, though of course I dont know. But I think by this radical decision telltale just unnecessarily deters potential players and JP-Fans.

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  • Thats exactly what i ment when i said AGES ago that it will (probabily) be to much on rails to be as fun as hoped.

    I'm with you... I pray ya can walk around other wise.... well... jeez.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    I was ready to give this a chance but... nah. No Jurassic Park for me when railroads are the only means of getting around. My next Telltale game will be one of the TTG five. :(

  • I appreciate the shortcuts!
    In every adventure after few minutes I end to use double click to go to other locations.
    I every time use double click, and I'm annoyed if a game don't allow to use it.

    I think charachter's movement is not too important. What's important to have to move Guybrush on the screen, aside 1 or 2 puzzles that use it? There's almost not gameplay use from moving character in an adventure game, 'cause the primary goal of an adventure are the puzzles.

    "Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within" had no character movement and was one of the most immersive adventure that I've ever played.
    Also Puzzle Agent has no player movement, and no one is compelling.

    And BTW, with no character movement there will be finally no more POINT'N'CLICK vs. CLICK'N'DRAG discussions!!!!! AWESOME AND PERFECT!!!! :D

  • I completely agree with waroftheworlds01. The ability to walk around a screen just isn't that important in an adventure game. Exploration in an adventure game means looking at and interacting with things; it doesn't have to have involve choosing where exactly on the screen you want your character to stand. This is going to feel a bit more like a 2D first-person panoramic Legend Entertainment adventure game like Callahan's Crosstime Saloon than like a Sierra or LucasArts game, and that's absolutely fine with me.

    I'm not the biggest fan of QTEs in modern games, but I do have found memories of Dragon's Lair and Space Ace from when I was a kid. If Telltale can work out the kinks in their engine and get the scene transitions to play more smoothly, and if the button combinations and timing are sufficiently challenging, I think it could be a lot of fun.

  • Considering the game is out in 2 months, even if they cared what we thought anymore, they don't have time to really do anything about it.

  • I really don't care. I play Telltale's games for the story.

  • I wouldnt care if this wouldnt be Jurassic Park. I imagined no matter how the QTEs or the puzzles are, at least you can walk around in the visitors center or in the T-Rex compound after the outbreak, with cleverly given camera views that move with you as you go, simply just for the sake of looking around in the movie locations. I aint calling for big or open levels, even limited areas like in Bttf with more refined camera would be enough.

    I thought about these camera angles you switch between like seen in the demo. Since you can control it, maybe when having long and various paths the camera can go, it MAY feel like a substitute for actual exploring.

    Like for example when your character is standing in front of the crashed Ford explorer lying in front of that tree, moving the camera left or right it goes around the car, moving it down it kinda zooms in to see whats underneath or on some other point showing the ground with some footsteps. Moving it up changes a bit the position of the camera showing where the car went down in an appropriate angle, like simulating someone looking around and paying attention to interesting details.

    But still, even when trying to imagine how this would feel like, I just cannot help but feel like it just cannot replace actual movement.

  • @Sadonicus said: I wouldnt care if this wouldnt be Jurassic Park.


  • It seems more like a Cinematic game with this feel to it. It would be nice if we could walk around and explore the Areas and have the dinosaurs react...

    Wait. What is this game anyway? Is it a FPS or just a adventure explorer game with solving puzzles?

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