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Forum Guru?

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Does anyone know the term or is it only me that uses that?

To explain what it is I will here name a few people and then explain from them.

GuruGuru214: No it's not because of his name, but more because of the post count and the fact all his posts are great statements that I can rely to and envy that I can't write statements like that, so I look up to him as a Forum Guru, because here is always there with a statement that makes sense.
And always debate and have conversations with people that makes sense.

Avistew: Massive post count, and over 80% of them are all over at least 5000 words and still all of it is true and meaningful, if that is not being a Forum Guru I don't know what is.

SecretFawful: Always there with a good remark, and at the same time really good in writing awesome statements, he is like an equal to GuruGuru214 and I can always rely to his posts.

Rather Dashing: A person who says, what he wants when he wants and don't give a damn about who gets offended. And that is not said to be mean, but a quality that I envy. I never speak my mind in fear what people will think of me, but Dashing don't and his statements comes out the way he wants them, if they are hard then so be it. And he is one of the few who is really good at keeping Trolls in check. :)

Hayden: Also someone who knows how to string a good sentence together, and conversate with all and still keep all the points clear.
It's a quality I envy the most is being able to string a meaningful sentence together, that make people who thought they was right rethink their thoughts a little. :)

Now most of these people has a really high post count, and yes I must agree that is what I also base a Forum Guru on. But most posts has to be able to have conversations with other posters, my post count has gone up, via the "What Ever Is On Your Mind" thread and other various about what I have bought or played recently or given opinions. But never really conversated with someone, or rarely.

Now if there is someone I forgot to name, you are more than welcome to write why you are a Forum Guru, and no you don't have to have a high post count, that is just what I base them on. :p
And if you don't think you are, you can write that too, this is just my personal thoughts.

So I won't be a Forum Guru, but that doesn't mean I can't dream. And even for all my various posts here and there I am sure not even many knows who I am. (Except maybe for Hayden). :)
Now this was hard for me to write, lots of repeats of the same lines and all that, but I did say that I am not really good at explaining things, and write something that sound meaningful in anyway, so what I have done now will have to do.

Now I am not saying this is how it is, this is just thought conceived in my own mind, and has been there since I started as a member here, and I felt like sharing. Maybe put a smile on someone's face knowing what others think about them. :)
Or maybe just being plain out creepy. :p

Now be advised, that I am scared as hell to post this, but I did it anyway. Time for me to face something I fear I guess. :p

:Edit: Damn I clicked the wrong button, no going back now. :p

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