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What style of story

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After reading much of this board, and especially the points raised from Mr. Freeze's list of recommendations: It's become clear that there are a few differing opinions about when King's Quest was really in it's stride, story wise. In order to get a approximation of what the majority of us want, I tried to encapsulate the main options in a poll; hopefully it works alright, giving how many variables there are in story creation.

In detail (since the poll can't handle more then 100 characters each):

In terms of story, character and tone, what do you see as the style the series should maintain?

Option 1. This series has strayed from it's path many entries ago, it's not meant to be more then
simple fairy tale, nursery rhyme and mythological characters brought to life with other
purely archetypal heroes and villains as seen in KQ1 and KQ4. Story and dialogue don't
need to be dwelled upon longer then is needed to set up good atmosphere and puzzles.

Option 2. Jane Jenson was on the right track, stories like KQ6, KQ7 and KQ2+ are the plateau of
perfection for the series. Each land we explore should have political intrigue, dark drama
and deeply passionate yet still archetypal characters. Mythology is still there, but we go
into it a little deeper. Ideas like the Black Cloak society are nice because they explore
connection and reason between the games (and not getting carried away with it).

Option 3. Give it the world changing epicness of Lord of the Rings, combined with the complex
interconnectedness of Harry Potter (provided you can write so well). Many old
characters return and classical myth is still drawn from, but now it's time to analyze who
these people are in black, white and gray. Expect to be shocked! (The Silver Lining)

Option 4. Give it a mixture between options 1 and 2 (clarify)

Option 5. Give it a mixture between options 2 and 3 (clarify)

Option 6. Something else which this poll fails to cover (definitely clarify)

P.S. To be clear, even though I mention titles in the poll, this isn't about what game is best directly, rather what type of story-telling. If someone can think of a better way to present this without it being really cluttered, please feel free!

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