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Game breaking glitch in episode 304

posted by sinxtanx on - last edited - Viewed by 158 users

I've run into a wall here.

In Alley of the Dolls, when you return to the Diner Flint Paper is talking with Stinky, and talking to him initiates one of those looping conversations.

It just keeps on looping through the default alternatives without letting me choose anything. Un-exitable, too. I have to use the task manager to shut down the game.

I've tried talking at different stages of the game, from doing nothing at all to doing every other concievable thing, but the glitch persists.

Anyone have any idea what's causing this?

EDIT: seems I put this thread in the wrong forum, could a mod move it to support?

EDIT2: a quick foray through the forums seems to have solved my pertubing problems
(Restricting core affinity to only allow one core? Why didn't I think of that?)

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