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Long loading time for episode 201

posted by matan on - last edited - Viewed by 360 users

I'm not sure if this was mentioned yet on the forum, but the loading times were really bad for me this time around. I actually had to sit with a book by my laptop, so I could read in it while waiting for the next screen to load. I

In the last game, screen loading was very fast - only a few seconds each time. This time, sometimes the screen loading could take up to a minute. The loading itself took less than that (about half a minute) but then the screen actually loaded, and gameplay was still very jittery for another half a minute.

Actually, I noticed you did something different this time around - it looked like the game "remembered" the last 4-5 screens I was in and didn't need to load for any of them. However, any new screen would take a lot of time to load. Since the loading times were so long, I actually found myself trying to solve puzzles in rooms I've been to recently and not in new rooms just to avoid the loading time...

Just wanted to say this, because it actually ruined my gameplay a bit. (although the game was still great!)

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