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Ipad version-Hill Valley-Town Square

posted by Aussienut on - last edited - Viewed by 515 users

Hello fellow BTTF fans,

I am putting aside the choppy frame rates on the ipad and enduring the gameplay as i love the back to the future series.

My issue is I am trying to record young Emmets mumbling on the Tape recorder and I cannot seem to "equip/drag" it to record and progress with the story. Is there any other Ipad BTTF users here that could shed some light on how to achieve this (im sure rather simple) yet puzzle thing that has me stumped.

Everytime i walk close it cuts to the "about your rocket drill" where he dismisses you everytime. I choose the recorder and it show's equipped so to speak at the top of the screen.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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