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This thread mostly exists for the poll, that is, I want to sort of gauge general opinion, given the lack of information we have.

How do you feel about the upcoming King's Quest game?

Excited: I'm extremely excited, and I'm certain that Telltale will make something that at the very least borders on perfection. I love that Telltale has the franchise, and I can't wait to see what they have in store!

Cautiously Optimistic: I'm not really sure they'll do a good job, but I expect them to.

Unsure: I'm really mixed on the whole thing or have no real opinion yet.

Pessimistic: I don't really expect them to do a good job, and need convincing.

Upset: Angry or otherwise unhappy that Telltale got the license. I'm almost certain that Telltale can't or doesn't want to deliver something that meets or exceeds my expectations for a King's Quest game. I do not like the idea of this at all.

I'm on the "Upset" category, and if anyone thinks my wording or the poll are in any way unfair or biased, please let me know. I tried to balance it out as well as I could, without directly insulting any responses. I understand that I'm probably an outlier, and the majority of people probably exist somewhere in the middle three options. "Upset" and "Excited" don't necessarily mean you CAN'T be convinced otherwise(though this may be the case), but that you at least are going to need some heavy persuasion to the contrary.

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