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Technical question about the old KQ games.

posted by Ignatius on - last edited - Viewed by 956 users

I was wondering where are the savegames stored in the old games, specifically King Quest 4. Where or on wich files all that data is.

Im playing KQ 4 right now and just when i am minutes away from winning the game....crash (something about "0x82ó90 not found")

So i was thinking on installing a new version and trying to copy/paste the savegames. If someone can help, i would be really glad. :)

If not, oh well. Start all over.
Just thinking about the troll, the chasm and the whale makes me wanna cry.

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  • I had trouble with the version of King's Quest VII: the game's color palette was completely wrong and it almost looked like I was tripping.

    I just run the DOS version of KQ7 in DOSbox without any frontends. You can add lines to the config file to make the program do whatever you like on startup (e.g., mount CD drives and switch to the game directory).

  • There is something about turning off direct draw in the frontend game options, to get gog's version to run correctly I think?

  • Yeah that's what I had to do to get 7 to run properly, I believe I had to do the same with Mask of Eternity as well.

  • @Ignatius said: I've got another problem. More or less.

    It's a question actually.

    This time about King Quest VII. I can run it perfectly using Dosbox. But i always prefer using the boxer, (dosbox add on that allows you to enter the game quickly without typing commands), strangely when using the boxer the game plays without music, voices, and veeeery slow.
    It's strange since the commands in the boxer are the same i use to play it on regular dosbox.
    So, my question is, maybe the boxer is not supported some how? Or there is something im missing?

    Hope someone knows what im talking about.

    Why don't you use a new KQ7 for DOSBox installer? ->

    It asks you a minimal number of questions to get it set up, and even creates a Shortcut icon for you to use to launch the game. Easy.

    You shouldn't have to run DOS commands to get the game running. There are recent installers that do all the work.

    King's Quest VII for DOSBox (1994) - Now works with most English versions of KQ7. This bilingual installer will work with version 1.4, 1.51, 2.00 Spanish and 2.00b of the game. It will update your KQ7 v 1.4 or v 1.51 to v 2.00b with DOS interpreter and set it up in DOSBox. This will address the Firecracker bug. Installs the entire game to the hard drive for CD-less play. You will be given the option to download the DOS movies for versions 1.4 and 1.51.


  • @Chyron8472 said: Why don't you use a new KQ7 for DOSBox installer? ->

    I've suggested it earlier in the thread, but apparently, real men don't use installers ;)

  • No, it's because i don't need the installer.
    I can install and play the game perfectly from Dosbox without the installer.

    Thing is im lazy and don't want to write the whole command every time i play the game, so i tried to use some frontend for Dosbox but the game didn't work with that.

    Although if the installer creates a shortcut to the game using dosbox then it must be more convenient, but i will not uninstall the game to try that, maybe next time.

    Thanks anyway to all!

  • Ignatius, you can put whatever commands you need in your DOSBox configuration file. Just add what you would normally need to type on the DOSBox command line to the end of the config file. Then when you launch DOSBox, those instructions will be automatically carried out.

  • @Ignatius said: Although if the installer creates a shortcut to the game using dosbox then it must be more convenient,...

    It does. And is.

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