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Who here is a Inspector Gadget Fan?

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Who here LOVES Inspector Gadget?

Remember this song:

I sure do. Best TV show theme. Also i love how Gadgets car is a Delorean. Rock On!

But one thing that makes me mad is that Inspector Gadget movie. I was disappointed. Disney should to. Now lets discuss Inspector Gadget!

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  • @Scnew said: How is it humanly possible to not like Ferris Bueller's Day Off?


  • @Scnew said: How is it humanly possible to not like Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

    You don't want me to start with this. Once I start, I'll no longer be the nice, sweet, orange guy you knew before.

  • The only good thing about the Inspector Gadget movies was the remade main theme.

  • @Falanca said: You don't want me to start with this. Once I start, I'll no longer be the nice, sweet, orange guy you knew before.

    Were you ever?

  • @Secret Fawful said: Were you ever?

    Make the comparison.

  • @Falanca said: You don't want me to start with this. Once I start, I'll no longer be the nice, sweet, orange guy you knew before.

    Yeah but I don't really know you, so... you know. Ferris Bueller's Day Off is the best movie ever. Go!

  • @Falanca said: You don't want me to start with this. Once I start, I'll no longer be the nice, sweet, orange guy you knew before.

    I wouldn't mind hearing why you didn't like the movie. It doesn't bother me that you don't like the movie.

  • @JedExodus said: I did the best Inspector Gadget impersonation in school. This other kid thought his was better, but everyone knew it was crap and that he ate his boogers

    That's funny, I had the best Dr. Claw voice.

  • Who else was disappointed when they saw what Dr. Claw's face really looked like?

  • @Scnew said: Ferris Bueller's Day Off is the best movie ever.

    Did I even watch the same effing movie with SO, MANY, PEOPLE loving this movie to DEATH and entitling it the best movie ever? I had to double-check by watching reviews of this movie which all just sucked the blunt cock of the productive cast EXCEPT FOR ONE, the review of SpoonyOne, which turned out to be an April Fool's day JOKE anyway. Well, it may not be the best movie ever, but may very well be the best movie in its genre; whatever that is.

    What genre is that? What is that movie trying to achieve? WHAT IS IT? Well, it's everything but entertaining, and if that's a genre; I am not interested. Is it drama? Nope, definitely not. Is it some kind of a documentation? Nope, definitely not, everything is far from being believable and I get that. It's what was tried to be achieved, being far from believable. Well, okay, but if you want to do that, DON'T HIRE ACTORS TRYING TO ACT SERIOUS. But I'll get to that later. So, from what I'm seeing, it's a comedy film. I guess that's right, yeah, it fits its production era too. Personal computers were new (they weren't, actually, but humor me) so everyone thought hacking a school computer was something like logging into MSN or something, there are scenes totally ripping off Home Alone like all comedy movies had in that era (let me fix, all movies in that criteria, that ARE KNOWN TO SUCK), resorts to cartoon violence remiscent of some Bugs Bunny cartoon... But in the end, it's not Home Alone. It's not a Bugs Bunny cartoon. It's not... uh, another comedy movie that has a hacking scene. And best of all; IT'S NOT FUNNY. It tries to be everything, it ends up being NOTHING. Starts with self narration of the protagonist, then pulls some Home Alone to us, then becomes a tour movie that has no real reason whatsoever other than showing that the kids are "doing something outside the world of school" (they don't do SHIT). Becomes a little sad because I did start to feel bad about that rich kid but completely lost my all respect to him after he acts happy again for no reason, then ends the movie with a horribly put chase scene. WHAT IS THIS MOVIE?

    That movie is not funny. That movie doesn't have likable characters that may deliver punchlines or do things that are interesting. All characters except Ferris Bueller was dumbed down (if not, kicked in the crotch) to make him look "smart" or something. That's a great tactic of coming up a plot, yeah, can't think of smart ways for your character to accomplish his goals? Just make everyone else idiots! Oh, talking about plot and script, script is ridicilous. All lines are fillers. In a good movie, nothing said goes to waste (like in The Big Lebowski, every line is appropriately respoken by The Dude, see THAT'S a good movie). In this movie nothing said worths a dime. They have no significance, all throwaways. I thought MAYBE some of the blabber about the Ferrari will lead to some resolution or whatsoever (especially after that TEDIOUSLY LONG scene where it crashes out of the house, where the guy just talks on and on and we're hinted at least 3 times that it'll crash its way outside so that it's not even a surprise or a shocking development or, well, FUNNY) but no. Ferris' friend whom I don't even want to bother myself remember his name just pranks his death and now everything is better. Bullshit. There is no resolution, there is no interesting twist (which isn't needed for a movie, don't get me wrong, but a twist at the end at least would SAVE this movie), all about Ferris bullshitting around and people loving him. Whoopdie fucking doo, I would enjoy it if I liked the CHARACTER. He doesn't even give clear motives. Heck, he doesn't have motives at all. He doesn't have a personality. He just narrates shit to the audience. He doesn't talk much, he doesn't smile (except, well, in the poster, and when he fakes his happyness to his parrents), he only has two faces; "semi-smiling-poker-face-of-a-90's-kid" or shocked. He's not sarcastic, he doesn't have a sense of humor, he just shits around and everyone just smells it. You know what would make this movie the best movie ever? That rich kid totally snapping out and murdering Ferris... to death. Oh my GOD do I hate that bastard? Don't get me wrong, I like movie bastards. I LOVE movie bastards. In Truman Show, my favorite character is the Creator. In Austin Powers, I love Dr. Evil. In Terminator, I love Arnold. Well, in Terminator 2, I still love Arnold, but my point still stands. Plus who hates T1000 just because of loving Arnold? General Zod, Biff Tannen, Judge Doom, Auto in Wall-E, Tyler Fucking Durden, The Joker (both), the Police and the French in Monty Python's Holy Grail, OH YOU GET MY POINT. THEY ALL HAVE MOTIVES. THEY ALL HAVE CHARACTERISTICS. THEY ALL ARE CUNNING BASTARDS. If you're going to shoot a movie in the view of the villain, praise him by putting him against great odds, show me his accomplishment throughout the movie. Making him lipsync in a parade or showing a watertower with his name on it AND completely forgetting about those in the next scenes do not have any significance to me. They have no point other than establishing the character is "the man". They're not funny or anything. Okay, but, why is he the man? I can see NOTHING. He's a backstabbing asshole. He's rebellious, yes, but he doesn't do ANYTHING other than rebelling. He doesn't choose a side, he just goes around unimportant places and just does nothing at all. The only thing about that movie, the only likable character in it, is Charlie Sheen. And even he had to suffer in that movie by being paired with that ugly chick from Dirty Dancing. Oh and, her character is stupid too, just because she didn't use the chance of fucking Ferris in the ass. It's the lousiest, blandest movie I've ever seen. In shitty movies like The Room or short budget disaster movies or Twilight you can at least get a chuckle. This movie's top joke is shave and a haircut, two middle fingers.

    It doesn't have good lines but there are movies getting away with it by having great actors. This could be such a movie actually. Only that all the actors can't give an appropriate performance except Jeffrey Jones, who knows he's in a comedy film. Oh, getting kicked in the face in an unbelievable fashion also helps his performance I guess.

    Normally I wouldn't even care about such a horrendous movie and just ignore it for the rest of my life. But oh my GOD it has such a cult I can't even BELIEVE it. What do you like in it so much? What does ACTUALLY attract you in that flick? What does make you believe this movie deserves to be the best movie ever produced by humanity? I can never know.

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