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Jurassic Park Collection for Sale, MASSIVE!

posted by jmine83 on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users

I am offering up my Jurassic Park collection for sale to anyone who wants anything that is on the enclosed spreadsheet file list:

I do also have photos of all these items available, I just need to think of the best and easiest way to setup a location on the internet to display them all. Otherwise, it's late and I need to get to bed. Enjoy.

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  • Okay, first response to address the question from user "Crispy_Onion", I live in the Saint George, Utah area which is just two hours from Las Vegas; to give you an idea of where I am.

    As for the JP Gallimimus, indeed it is the rare, original electronic version in the original package. Except, unlike all the other action figures that are all in mint-to-fair condition, the Gallimimus figure "alone" apparently has a piece of clear tape on the back of the package that cannot be removed or else it would rip off the paper of the packaging. I originally bought this Gallimimus figure off of eBay several years ago and the original seller neglected to tell me this, but I decided to keep it anyways.

    Second response to user "Lenbert83", as I have already been trying to plead for some assistance, I need someone to suggest an easy and quick place on the internet where I can setup an online photo gallery. Then I will simply upload all the photos (there are "hundreds" here folks, one for each item), and then share the hyperlink to all of you to get to the photo gallery so you can all look at the photos.

    I am "very" willing of course to simply just sell the whole collection to one person, that would be my preference. However, the price I would be wanting for the whole collection in one large sale would be quite a bit as you can well imagine considering the amount of merchandise.

    With that said, for the "whole collection" let's start the bidding at $700. As for payment terms, considering I expect to get quite a large sum of money for this collection, I don't feel comfortable using PayPal for this particular situation. For the final sale, I will be requiring either a personal check or money order to be mailed to me.

    The real tricky part will be shipping and transport; this expense alone will be very costly. Fortunately, as the spreadsheet catalog file shows, it gives the apx. dimensions in inches for each product, and it's weight in US pounds. This information will be used to calculate for total shipping cost. My preference, however, would be for the buyer to simply arrange to drop by my home location and pick up all the merchandise themselves in a large moving van or truck of some sorts.

    At any rate, if anyone else has anymore questions, please feel free to ask.

  • Alrighty. I "finally" got an online public photo gallery up and running with all the photos of the merchandise and collectibles in question. Again, please refer to the initial post of this thread for the spreadsheet file that details each item that is being offered for sale. The displayed "order" of the photos in the gallery does follow about the same order as the spreadsheet file, but not precisely. This would require more time and effort to give all items "item number" and link those to the photos, but I'd rather avoid having to do that if I can. Anyways, here is the link to the photo gallery:

    If anyone has any questions about the collection, please feel free to ask.

  • What are the JP and TLW "Official Annuals"? Are they like a fan magazine, something to do with the JP Dinosaur Club from the 90's, or what? Never encountered them before in many years of collecting...thanks.

  • @robotpo said: What are the JP and TLW "Official Annuals"? Are they like a fan magazine, something to do with the JP Dinosaur Club from the 90's, or what? Never encountered them before in many years of collecting...thanks.

    Yeah, I'm curious about that too.

    What do they contain?

  • Off the top of my head unfortunately, I don't remember much about the Official Annual books. What I can tell you is that they are hardbound books and quite thin. That is, not thick books with very many pages. Mostly contain photos from the movies, but nothing very remarkable. I believe I am qualified to know since any of the books or magazines that do contain very rare information or photos I keep for myself. These books in question have nothing to do with the Dinosaur Club and don't appear to be a fan magazine. Lastly, these books were exclusively produced in the United Kingdom.

  • Okay, thanks for the info...interesting...

  • @tobar said: Is this actually one of the brochures seen in the back of the tour vehicle from the first film? How much for this item?

    Actually, it's a very close facsimile to the brochure prop from the movie, but really not the same brochure at all. This brochure being sold in question is arguably even "rarer" than the prop brochure because many, many prop brochure have been sold over eBay countless times. I do actually happen to have one of the original brochure props from the first JP movie, but again, this brochure being sold is not the prop version. The prop version I am keeping.

    What this brochure being sold is, is a promotional brochure that was handed out to movie goers who went and saw Jurassic Park on the very first day JP premiered on June 11, 1993 in specific, select theaters. As I recall, only theaters in Hollywood and Orlando to be precise. This promotional brochure was made to be similar to the prop brochure in the movie.

    Hope this answers your question.

  • I do apologize for not keeping up to date on the status of this JP collection and what my plans for it are.

    After careful consideration, however, I have mostly decided to continue to keep this collection for an undefined space of time. I will definitely plan to sell it all at some point in the future, that may actually not be for many, many years to come.

    I have indeed received many positive responses from some potential buyers and interested parties in this collection. However, I feel that no one has been able to come to agreeable terms with me in regards to the selling price of this collection.

    I know there are a lot of people who want to buy "individual" pieces from this collection. Unfortunately, I am extremely busy between being a full-time student, working part-time, and other higher priorities that demand a great deal of my time and attention. So when it comes down to negotiating for a fair and reason sale price, it pretty much comes down to making me an offer that's worth my valuable time and attention. I'm not particularly desperate or eager for money; I do modestly well actually.

    So, in short, here is the ultimatum on the sale of this JP collection:

    I am "only" interested in potential buyers who are interested in purchasing the "whole" collection for the minimum offer of $750 plus the cost of shipping. The actual total value of "all" this merchandise and the amount of money I've spent on it all over the course of several years is well over $2,000; so, what I'm asking for ($750) to me does not seem unreasonable. It's a good reasonable price for my time and effort into processing such a large transaction.

    Anyways, so if anyone can at least propose a serious offer that meets the above mentioned minimum terms of sale, you have my attention. Otherwise, I have no problem waiting for years into the future.

  • Hey jmine, we talked a while back in private messages and I asked for a few pieces and you notified me that it isnt for sale cept the whole collection. I thought about it for a while, and as a fellow Jurassic Park collector and as a friend, I would tell you to keep it. Some of the Jurassic Park Series 1 stuff sells for $300 bucks a piece so im sure that some or most of your stuff will be worth about 30x more in a few years. I would advise that you keep most or all of this collection unless you get a good deal on the collection as a whole because I know that I would never sell mine and i have boxes and boxes of JP stuff. Sure there are a few other people who are JP collectors that are for sure worth selling to, like WaroftheWorlds, who is both on these and JPLegacy's forums (who I am considering selling parts of my collection to). The reason I dont jump to the opportunity to sell all of these memories is that Jurassic Park represents a big part of my life and Michael Crichton, Steven Spielberg, and thier creation did so many things for me, so why wouldnt I do something in respect to them?
    If you do come to a point where you need the money, me, and im sure others, will all be here on these forums or the forums at Jurassic Park Legacy willing to help you out, but as a friend, I would say to keep it for now atleast. Besides, how can we know anything about an extinct toy line? Jurassic Park (1993) and modern day people (2011), two species seperated by 18 years, how can we possibly have the slightest idea what to expect (with the price changes over the next few years I mean :D)?

    Good Luck with your collection!!!!

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