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The Up Coming Movie Thread

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Edit: This thread is meant for upcoming movies that you want to talk about, I figured a thread solely dedicated to this could bring up some interesting conversations. Also, it's more appropriate than say 100 separate threads. Here is the time and place for up coming movies.

I wanted to comment on a up coming movie called :

The Beaver, starring Mel Gibson, and Jodie Foster.



Finally, my thoughts on this up coming movie.

Honestly, the trailer surprised me. This looks like it will try to be funny, try to be serious, and have a deep meaning to it that a lot of people will hate it for because they think it's essentially just a comedy ...

I give it more credit than that, as people are ignorant and poke fun of mental illnesses, commonly. This movie clearly has a mental illness and depicted by the trailer, it appears that it unfolds in a real way, and when things get realistic there's usually a conceptional realistic theme, message.

Even with the trailer...I've seen a lot of shallow, narrowly observed, flat comments. Comments, such as, what a hoot! Jim Carey would be better for this...

*sighs*, followed by *heavy sigh*...

I don't think that this is essentially meant to be a comedy. Perhaps it was intended to be misread, misunderstood at the get go, to draw people into the experience, though. As of right now, I don't think a lot of people are getting it...

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