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anyone get there free sam and max Season yet?

posted by redakdal on - last edited - Viewed by 148 users

Granted I started today, but I was wondering how long it toke other people untill they got there free season, I have been hearing rumors or heard on different posts that one guy still hasn't got his after 2 days, trialpay tells me I will get it tomorrow, but I will raise hell if I don't get it, I mean netflix is great and all, more then I excepted, but yet I still wanted a free game:D

I understand that some people are mad at this only being for new netflix users, which I understand, I have been in that situation before, but its great that there offering this deal to new users like me that will get us into netflix, I know money doesn't grow on trees, but hey some of you paid cause you couldn't wait and you did have the money, but I am sure this isn't the last promotion so no worriess

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