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Having trouble with Biff and Panic Button

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Is anyone having trouble with the biff chasing you around the basement and nailing him with the table? Marty seems to only run 2 places, to Einstein then behind the counter, I hit the table switch but Biff is nowhere close to it and there is no way to lure him to it, am I missing something or is there a flaw somewhere?

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  • Wait until Biff is right between the table and Einstein then make Marty throw those records at Biff so he stops there for a moment.
    Talk to Einstein and now he will make Biff walk back again but this time, right to that table.
    Then use the panic button.

  • I'm having a hell of a time w/ this, too. I sic Einstein on Biff, but Biff never really gets "cornered" he just backs up. Marty hides behind the counter & Biff starts advancing, but never seems to get near the roulette table. I've thrown records @ him & hit the panic button but it never works. I try to call Einstein as Biff's advancing toward Marty but he just says "Einstein" & then Biff attacks. What am I missing here?? Is it just a matter of poor timing? I'm playing on a laptop so it's hard to get the cursor in the right place quickly. Any other hints would be appreciated because I know I'm close to finishing the game!!

  • pantlesspenguin: once you free Einstein, throw the records and immediately after, click Einstein. Einstein will force Biff towards the roulette table where you press the panic button.

  • Brilliant! That's exactly what I was missing. Thanks!

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