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Sam & Max 201 - Fix for (most) launcher problems

posted by TelltaleTool on - last edited - Viewed by 682 users

Hi all,

This patch should fix most of the launcher problems that some of you have been experiencing with Sam & Max 201: Ice Station Santa. We'll be incorporating this fix into the main download soon, but for now enjoy this patch!

Changes in this patch:

- Improved error detection for fetching community content to stop it from hanging the rest of the wrapper
- Super-minimalist unlock/launch interface for those with scripting completely disabled
- Increased timeout for 'offline mode' detection by 500ms to (hopefully) cut down on false negatives.

Note: If you're not having trouble with the launcher, this patch won't change anything for you. You can install it if you'd like, but don't expect it to magically cure any non-launcher problems you're having.

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