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What does Speilberg think?

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Excuse me if Spielberg has some involvement in the game, but if he doesnt, does anyone know if he's said anything about it? What do you think his impressions would be?

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  • @hamza721 said: he said in an interview once he liked monkey island so theres no reason he wouldn't like this

    He should do a Monkey Island movie. That would be epic.

  • @Masta23 said: He should do a Monkey Island movie. That would be epic.

    Dear god, no. Jurassic Park was more or less the end of Spielberg as a director who wanted to make good quality popcorn movies not "I need an Oscar" movies. If you want a MI movie done right there so many others who'd be a good combo of action/humor/style. Personally I'd take Terry Gilliam but i know that's a loooong shot even in the best of circumstances.

  • Spielberg was actually planning a Monkey Island movie before the Pirates of the Caribbean movie came along. You can even find concept art for it on the internet: And yes, Spielberg is an avid gamer.

  • TELLTALE. Send a demo to Steven! Gauge his response! You must!

  • Anyone try asking him what he thinks yet? Does he have a twitter account? lol

  • I doubt Spielberg would take the time to get a good enough impression of this game, and then leave any kind of meaningful comment. But who knows.

    About Spielberg... I'm actually not such a big fan, despite loving the first JP movie (much due to nostalgia, admittedly)... not that he's not a very talented director, I'm not disputing that, the thing I take issue with in a lot of his films are the little 'Spielberg' moments of whatever you can call them.
    He seems to have a thing for little 'overly family oriented' or 'cozy' moments, struggling to find a good description here.
    But lots of little moments that end up annoying me, a rather extreme example is the little girl kicking a raptor out of a shed in JP2 by doing gymnastics.
    Little 'cute' scenes such as that, often involving children... I get the impression this is something reoccuring in Spielberg movies.

    I'd love to see a Jurassic Park directed by someone else, maybe one closer to the books (but not necessarily)... main thing would be that it was a much more dark, scary, serious and overall more immersive experience. More adult oriented in some ways, there's no denying the first JP movie was a lot more fun back when I was 13 or whatever age I was back then.

  • Ok, so doing gymnastics to defeat a raptor was a bit over the top, but I do enjoy most of Speilberg's movies. They usually seem to have a lot of passion behind them.

    People talk a lot about the differences between the books and the movies. Interestingly, I warched an old interview recently with Michael Crichton and he was commenting on how pleased he was with Speilberg's take on the story. Crichton said that most authors get upset when a director makes changes, but he felt that the movie was that director's story to tell, regardless of the source of inspiration.

  • He'd better be happy with the kind of money the success of the JP movies must have made him :p

  • He also helped write the screen play so he was more involved with the first film than the other two.

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