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Pc or console

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Should I get Jurassic Park for the Pc or wait for Fall for the console version?:confused:

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  • Yeah I lost that JPLegacy Contest for a copy, so I'll be waiting for a Console version. They better not skip out 360 this time...(BTTF, I'm looking at you!)

  • I don't know about you, but I just wanted to pre-order it. So I chose PC. Luckily, I have a new alienware pc, so I'll be okay.

  • I'll be waiting for it to come to the PS3. Hopefully I'll have enough patience to wait.

  • Where's the Mac in the poll? :p

  • Got it for PC for two reasons:

    1) Don't know if a Xbox 360 release is planned, since we have no precise info about it...
    2) PC version is coming SIX MONTHS earlier...

    I would have preferred the 360 otherwise.

  • I'm going to have it for PC and then for PS3!

  • Personally, I prefer gaming on console (XBOX in my case), with a few exceptions. But I'll be getting Jurassic Park right away for PC rather than wait; and, as it's been mentioned, it's unknown if/when there will even be a concole release.

    A sure-fire way to make the game appealing on XBOX, even to people who will already have the PC verion? Enhance it with KINECT. Imagine using your hands to physically grab or swipe key areas on the screen rather than pressing buttons, actually pushing shut a gate on a charging raptor or using your whole body to dodge a tyrannosaur's jaws.

  • Speaking from experience, Telltale's games have always been best on PC.

  • Also you can check out the first episode from Youtube for example and decide later if you want to actually pay for them from the season when you have the money to do so. This comes from guy who has bought more than hundred PC games when I have thought that price is right and game is good. :)

  • @gnarkill said: If u have a computer than can handle it, I would suggest going with the PC version. The graphics will always be better on the PC version, plus you get the episodes as soon as there ready. I know alot of people have problems with using a mouse and keyboard(and I'm one of them), so I got the x-box 360 controller dongle for my PC and it works great.

    Graphics are not ALWAYS better on the PC version. If the settings are on the highest, then yes, but if you have an older PC or a laptop, then likely a console version will look and run smoother.

    Which is why I'll likely wait for the console version of this game. It looks far more detailed that BttF, so I doubt my laptop will be able to run it. However, I am going to try the demo when it comes out.

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