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The History of "Jurassic Park III" and "Jurassic Park IV" files

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In case anyone is interested, just thought I'd post these files which collect the history of JP3 from announcement through release, and all of the rumors and tidbits about JP4 from 2001-2010. The first I made myself, and the second was created by someone named "Raptorbite" over at JP, which I added to a bit. They're both long PDF files, but great trips down memory lane, (especially for those of us who were in the online JP community over a decade ago). Also, you get a sense of the original script and elements which were dropped from JP3, and a bit of what was planned for JP4. I've also included a third file which I made, that covers the myriad "abandoned projects" of the Jurassic Park franchise including animated TV series, toys, comics, a ride at Universal ETC. Anyhoo, here there are:

The History of JP3:

The History of JP4:

JP Projects That Never Were:

EDIT: And here's everything from Dan's TLW Page as well, (January-December 1997):

Apparently, Peter Stormare is playing Richard Levine, Arliss Howard is Doc Thorne, Vince Vaughn is Eddie Carr, Richard Schiff is Howard King, Thomas Duffy is George Basleton, and there will be color-changing Allosaurs opening and closing the movie! Oh, the naivety! :p

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