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Does Guybrush have autism? (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

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I have a feeling about Guybrush Threepwood. It just occurred to me that he has some kind of weird behavior, as he appears youthful and has an attitude of a child, often being a kleptomaniac and acting a bit of a doofus. However, he appears to have a razor-sharp wit, a caring personality, a childlike love for Elaine; and appears to be highly literate, able to read long passages of literature and pronounce extremely complex words and phrases without having to think about it or sound it out. This is surprising as Guybrush mentions several times throughout the series that he dropped out of school (though he has earned his supernatural ability to hold his breath for 10 minutes in college) and most pirates lack conventional skills in areas of schooling. This may be a testament to Guybrush's more intelligent side and that while he may lack common sense and a complete educational background, he is much smarter than a majority of the characters in the series. (For example, in Secret he becomes a talking dictionary when asked if the word "keelhaul" means anything to him ("Keelhaul / Ke(e)l-hol. 1: to haul under the keel of a ship as punishment or torture."), and he even acts like a speaking clock when looking at the clock at the top of the Long John Silver Center for the Performing Arts! :D )

So I've been wondering whether Guybrush has autism. I suppose his behavioral patterns may fall into the Autism spectrum category, unless I could be wrong, you know.

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