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Can't equip recorder in Episode 1

posted by DeputyDirtbag on - last edited - Viewed by 1.2K users

I downloaded this game on the PS3. I'm at the part in Episode 1 where I have to record the mutterings of the young Emmett Brown in 1931. But whenever I try to equip the tape recorder, nothing happens.

I press square, which brings me to the inventory. I highlight tape recorder. I press X, which is supposed to equip the item (tape recorder) as it returns me to the game. But... my character has no tape recorder.

There's a tape recorder icon at the top of the screen, indicating that the recorder is equipped. But there is NOTHING in Marty's hands, and I can't record muttering young Emmet Brown. I have seen screenshots from the walkthrough that show Marty holding up the tape recorder towards Brown. But this does NOT happen on my game.

Is this a glitch? What am I doing wrong?

Any help would (or updates to download) would be appreciated.


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