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Strong interest in Sam & Max

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Okay, from what I have seen in trailers I REALLy want to get into this game. There is currently a sale for all 3 seasons, should I start from the beginning?

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  • @Sausy Gibbon said: That's my first introduction to the franchise aswell, I played a demo in a game magazine. From the screenshots I originally thought it was an office comedy like Dillbert.

    When I first heard of the series, I kept hearing about it's raunchy sense of humor, so I was picturing something more like Robot Chicken. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that it was more family friendly then I'd been expecting. Shocking, I know.

  • I recommend playing them in order. Note that Season 1 is very...rough, though. Not bad, but it's one of Telltale's earlier works (when they lacked both the experience and the budget they do now), and it shows.

  • It's pretty important to play it in order, or you'll just end up confused.

    It starts off a bit slow, but episodes 4 and 5 in season 1 are some of the best in the whole series.

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    I did them in reverse order, but personally I think you should play S1, then S2, then S3. S2 really doesn't make a lot of sense (even by Sam and Max standards) without having played S1 first, because it revolves around lots of S1's recurring characters. S3 is pretty stand-alone, though.

    Also, the first few episodes of S1 are a bit rough (imo, the first and third are okay but overly short and easy, and the second one is kind of horrible. The fourth, fifth and sixth are all COMPLETELY AMAZING, though). S2 is more of the same as S1, but better. S3 is different in terms of story and feel and represents kind of a departure, so if you play S3 first don't go expecting S1 and 2 to be much like it.

  • season 3 is the highest point in telltale's history. After that things just start going downhill

  • @coolguy721 said: season 3 is the highest point in telltale's history. After that things just start going downhill

    Funny that you say that. The only games released after season 3 are Puzzle Agent (which was actually released during season 3, but oh well...), Poker Night at the Inventory and Back to the Future. I think most people agree that Puzzle Agent was quite good (a lot of people found it to be better than season 3 of Sam & Max) and Poker Night was just a game in between that was well worth its asking price as well. The only game getting lots of complaints is Back to the Future.

    Personally, I don't think you can really point to a Telltale game / season and say that was the highest point. I loved the first seasons of Sam & Max and Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People. I didn't like Tales of Monkey Island and Wallace & Gromit, but Sam & Max: The Devil's Playhouse and Puzzle Agent renewed my interest. Back to the Future Episode 1 was, in my opinion, not a bad game either.

    I think that if you don't like a Telltale game, you just have to wait for them to make another game that you do like. Especially with Sam & Max; they'll probably return to make a season 4.

  • @Gman5852 said: It wont hurt too much to skip season 1, but I still reccomend playing it as well.

    Oh shush you. Season 1 isn't BAD even if you think it's less enjoyable than the other seasons. Skipping any season or, really, any episode, shouldn't be an option.

  • Season 1 is NOT bad by any standards. The whole 3 seasons are VERY good, have a tremendous replayability, they are roll-on-the-floor funny, they have excellent graphics, puzzles, voices, music and stories. There are weak elements in all of them, but I consider them very minor negative points.

    It's only in comparison with each other that the seasons are classified as "this was good, but this one was better" and such. I own a lot of games, many of them Telltale Games, and to me the Sam and Max series are the best games TTG has, and some of the best games ever created, not only in the adventure genre, but generally speaking. This is coming from someone who overall prefers first-shooters the best.

  • Season 1 is definitely the weakest one, but no one should miss the Soda Poppers.

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