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Google used to be awesome.

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Man, I'm so pissed at Google. I mean, their algorithm for suggesting YouTube videos is sooooo shitty. I think this combined with the failure of Wave and Buzz proves that they're on the way out - to be replaced by Bing from our friends at Microsoft.

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  • Gee, I'm glad Dashing isn't here. It's like he knows he's wrong.

  • I know. It's like he already knows he's lost. There's just no compelling argument to our rapier wit.

  • Hmm, a thread consisting of nothing but Comrade Pants and Alcoremortis talking back and forth. Whatever shall I do with it? :D

    I'm on the fence about Google. I like Google Docs and I love Gmail, and I hate Bing, but I also hate Chrome, and I don't think there's anything good to say about Buzz or Wave.

    And Pants, not only do I know for a fact that you have a Gmail account, but your claims about AOL are crap anyway. I used AOL for six years before switching to Gmail five years ago, and never once have I even remotely considered looking back. As far as crappy e-mail services go, in my experience AOL is second only to Hotmail.

    Yes, I know, I just responded seriously to Dashing-bait trolling. I figure maybe an actual discussion could spring out of the topic.

  • appalachian granny magic

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff

    Well given their first-quarter results, it’ll be interesting to see what happens to the Google share price during trading today.

    I rarely use anything but Google… even if I’m looking for something on a specific site like IMDB or Wikipedia, I’ll forgo the site’s own search bar and just add the site’s name to my Google search.

  • I'll never go over to Bing! I don't have any problems with Google, yeah Wave was a bust but it still had some intelligent features. Gmail is great and I love my Android phone, it's like an iPhone only cheaper and better :D

  • The only way GMail would be better is if it allowed the user to manually add/remove individual emails at will from a "conversation."

    I've used Yahoo!Mail, Hotmail and GMail, and there are features that Google allows for free that I'd have had to pay to use on Yahoo, while Hotmail forgoes completely. Also, Hotmail's spam filter sucks very, very badly.

    GMail seems to have the best spam filter of any webmail service I've ever used; before GMail allowed gigabytes of storage per account, Hotmail and Yahoo only allowed ~200MB or less; grouping emails with the same subject into "conversations" is very convenient for me to find older messages; you assign an email more than one 'folder' label at the same time... I could go on. GMail is just better than the other major webmail services.

  • Technically speaking, Dashing; updating the tags on this page is breaking your forum exile.

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff

    @Comrade Pants said: Technically speaking, Dashing; updating the tags on this page is breaking your forum exile.

    Self-imposed exile, I hope (and even then I'm not happy about it).

  • @Comrade Pants said: Technically speaking, Dashing; updating the tags on this page is breaking your forum exile.

    Why can't you back off and just let the guy do what he wants?

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