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The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle

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Youtube promo video

Direct link to the HumbleBundle website.

NOTE - I have not bought this bundle myself, everything in this post is based on information on their website.
I'm personally not interested in these games so I can't test this out myself, but I think it seems like a really nice idea and I especially like how you can choose to give everything you pay to charities they have listed.

Found this posted in another forum I often visit, and thought it might be cool enough to create a thread about here.

Basically it's a bundle of five indie games -

Shadowgrounds: Survivor
Jack Claw

However, take note that only the three first games listed there are full, polished games.
Jack Claw is a prototype of a game that ended up being cancelled and as such is NOT a finished game, and Splot is still under development and will be added to your bundle once completed.

Even so, I think paying whatever you'd like is a pretty good deal :D

Another cool aspect of this deal is that after you've decided how much you want to pay, you can give all of it to either of, or split the sum up between the following - Frozenbyte (developer), Humble Tip (pays for the bandwidth and development of this promotion).... and the two remaining options which consist of two charity organizations, EFF and Child's Play.
You can choose to give the entire sum to the charities, if you wish.

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