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Law & Order Los Angeles: FTW or WTF?

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When I saw that Telltale had announced Law and Order, I was a bit worried about Telltale. These guys are going to work themselves into the ground if thay don't slow down soon. I'd rather have one or two good series a year than five back to back new and not-guaranteed-to-kick-off projects being announced every week or so.

Other than that, though, seriously, Telltale? Law and Order Los Angeles? I might understand a game based on the original show, but a spinoff that not a lot of people watch or care about? That's just going a little too far in my book.

I was never really a fan of the original show, but my parents watch it ALL THE FRICKIN' TIME! Looking at all these CSI-style shows they watch make me notice an odd pattern:

[*]The Actors are either over the top or too subtle
[*]Everything that happens is always either completely random or extremely predictable
[*]All of the main characters could be interchanged with each other and nobody would notice the difference
[*]and they talk WAY too quietly.

So, what do you think, guys?

Is Telltale getting in over their heads, going the right pace, or not doing things fast enough? And, as for the game, do you think it will be good, bad or just meh? Please explain.

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