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Season one bonus disc problem

posted by jab2565 on - last edited - Viewed by 347 users

I'm getting a weird problem when trying to view the cutscene movies for episodes 1 and 2(could be more but I haven't viewed them all yet). After the title intro is played and the episode name appears on the screen. The movie freezes and the only way out is to stop or go back to the dvd menu.

I did find a strange workaround, when the movie starts, I hit the stop button then resume which seems to restart the movie and doesn't freeze. Just wanted to know if anyone else is getting this problem.

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  • Have another strange problem, I was watching episode 4 on the bonus disc last night with no commentary, and the dvd starts to stutter and freeze at the exact same point. The scene right before the war song starts, I notice this problem on other dvds that have scratches or smuges on them (rentals from stores for example). But the disc looks completely clean to me.

    The only workaround I found was to fast forward past the scene which for some reason works . Would this be a problem with the disc or my dvd player? The player is I guess old as far as dvd players go ,at least 4 or 5 years old.

  • Could you try it in a different player or on your computer? If it still happens, then we'll know the problem is with the disc, and if it doesn't, we'll know it's a problem with the player...

  • I think there must be some problem with the player happens to me too earlier..and I too was clueless then........

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