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What JP3 needed to be great...

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I've got my own ideas, but Im interested in what other JP fans think the third entry needed to be at the level of JP and (for some myself included) TLW.

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  • @Cyberscribe said: He never did trick them. I mean one of the males almost fell for it but the female stopped him and was about to kill them until she heard the helicopters come closer and then they bailed. It had nothing to do with Grant.

    Um, no...

    -Grant "called for help"

    -The sounds of the helicopters of the male raptors leapt forward to attack, but the alpha female ordered him back

    -The raptors took the eggs and fled, assuming, (correctly), that the sounds of the helicopters was reinforcements arriving for the humans

  • @robotpo said: Oh, please, that's just ridiculous!

    Let's see...

    The Lost World:
    -Family stumbles on island where InGen originally bred dinosaurs, injury of child leads to lawsuit

    -John Hammond's conniving nephew uses this as opportunity to take over company and harvest dinos from Site B in order to bail InGen out of Chapter 11 with new JP in San Diego

    -Hammond assembles team to create the "most spectacular photo record the world has ever known" to generate public support for protection of the dinosaurs

    -Both teams head to island, clash, Green Peace fanatic gets both parties stranded

    -Hunters and Researchers have to join forces and make their way to center of island to call for help (the section of the film without a narrative)

    -Survivors rescued, conniving head of InGen uses opportunity to try and open attraction based around adult T-Rex, Rex gets loose and rampages through San Diego, is finally contained and returned to island

    -Dinosaur-populated island is declared off-limits, fulfilling Hammond's wish

    We also got themes of family, countering Malcolm/Sarah/Kelly against the three T-Rexes; a look at environmentalism, animal rights and the blatant corporate capitalist greed of the 80's/90's/present day; expansion of the JP mythos (original breeding ground of Site B, Jurassic Park: San Diego, dinosaurs revealed to world, the ultimate example of what would happen if InGen's dinosaurs made it to the "real" world); some cool hardware, (Trailers, High Hide, Eddie's Jeep's, Hunters' vehicles); a great score by John Williams, ETC...

    Jurassic Park 3:
    -An idiot plumber's chubby daughter gets stuck on Site B and they bumble around for 75 minutes trying to find her

    -Along the the way a Spinosaurs acts like Freddy Kruger and a clueless grad student pisses off a pack of hyper-intelligent Raptors by stealing their eggs

    Granted, I kind-of cast TLW in a positive light, and JP3 not so much...still, not much of a comparison really! :cool:

    All you did was show a detailed time line of TLW and a summary of JP3 :/

  • @evolution_rex said: All you did was show a detailed time line of TLW and a summary of JP3 :/

    YOU'RE a summary of JP3. :cool:

    But seriously, I've explained my point quite clearly in previous posts...

  • JP3 I felt was actually quite good...
    The research was spot on
    Raptors were that smart...
    Spino ate like a crocodile... in that he saw food and ate it (due to the size of the brain vs the spinal cord

    and my fav scene with Dr Grant and the Rambo Kid was funny as all heck and left a lot to the imagination...
    "T-Rex Pee... How did you get it?"
    "You don't want to know"...

    my only criticism of the movie, could have been longer
    have the T-rex V Spino battle at end and leave it open ended
    and finally have Dr Grant deciding that he needs to start studying live Dinos... that way he could tie in with Ian's girlfriend... thus leaving the door open for a research based movie with the full cast...

    in any case none of the movies was really long enough...
    JP4 needs to not to be called JP4 it needs a to be called Jurassic Park:
    and it needs to be Epic length 3 hrs to maybe 3.5 hrs... we have come to a time in which we are used to the big movies being over 3 hrs and you really need that sort of time to really delve into character development... Heck make JP4 a Trilogy of Movies like the Lord of the Rings and to a minor extent The Matrix... that way each movie is 1 Large Act with sub chapters.

  • Just throwing my hat in the ring, I liked JP3 a lot. I think it is a lot better than The Lost World. It's a different kind of movie: they knew they couldn't recapture the magic and awe of the first movie once that genie was out of the bottle, so they didn't try to force it (as it sometimes felt they did with TLW). Instead, they made a smart, fast-paced, action/adventure film. By the third movie in a series, everyone is familiar with the backstory so we didn't need 40 minutes of exposition or a science lesson at the beginning like the first two films required; instead, we are introduced to the characters and jump right into the action.

    The raptor intellegence thing never bothered me; in the original novel Crichton describes them as being "at least as intelligent as chimpanzees" and a lot of promotional material and licensed products from the first movie used that description too, so JP3's super-smart raptors are actually very fitting and were nice to see. And lots of animals communicate or "talk" to one another, and we see raptors doing this in JP1, so I never understood why it was suddenly so much of an issue for people in JP3.

  • or hows this for a thought...
    TV show - a prequel to the original movie...showing the creation of JP and the dinosaurs and have an earlier incident that was never mentioned or hushed up... that could work...have it done by Starz or SyFy

  • You know what they should have done for JP3?

    In the beginning with Ludlow's death, InGen devolves back to John Hammond who is know even sicker than he was in TLW(which was great by the way). Hammond is then called to testify in front in the US Senate's "Scientific Affairs Oversight Committee" and he reveals that the dismantling of Jurassic Park resources, organic and inorganic(dinos and buildings) never happened and Ludlow was just trying to cover up his mismanagement of InGen's investors' funds and take over the company from Hammond at the same time. The US Senate then orders Hammond to tell them the current state of the Island, to which he replies "I haven't a clue." they along with the House of Reps and President order him to make arrangements to find and convince Grant Malcolm, Ellie, Lex, and Tim to go to the island with a brigade or smaller sized force of the US Army and "secure" (very ambiguous command) the island. For what purpose? The Government would like to seize the Island from Hammond to rebuild the park and profit from it, whereas Hammond will have not of that. Upon arriving to Nublar, the park and all of its buildings are overgrown and dilapidated like the Aperture Labs from the beginning of Portal 2 but all of the computing systems and communications are online and miraculously still working. The tour program is online and multiple cars are on the testing track. The Jeeps in the garage and guns in the security center are still in pristine condition. The dinosaurs are easy to find with all of the working cameras but for some reason they disappear and reappear in their pens. Eventually the Army creates a perimeter around the visitors center and they begin to rebuild the park being warned by the original cast that nothing good could come of this park. We are witness to the construction process and ,as so well described by Hammond in the first novel, problems arise. Just as the US Government is about to finish the Geothermal power grid that is used to run the island fails not having been re-calibrated for the new heavy power needs of the park or updated since 1991. This critical oversight put the entire group in danger and now Lex, Tim ,Grant, Ellie and Malcolm have to lead the small band of army engineers to the power grid while the Army fight off the dinosaurs all 15 species ,which we will see. that have escaped. As our heroes traverse the island we get to see everything that was supposed to be in Jurassic Park as per the maps that fans and official sources have released. Eventually we make it with one group to Hammond's bungalow, the other to the main power station, and the final group to the backup hydro-electic plant which has also failed.

    I will write more soon! Please tell me what you think so far though!

  • @Lexxbomb said: or hows this for a thought...
    TV show - a prequel to the original movie...showing the creation of JP and the dinosaurs and have an earlier incident that was never mentioned or hushed up... that could work...have it done by Starz or SyFy

    That sounds great I definitely like that

  • @Lexxbomb said: or SyFy

    PLEASE GOD NO!!!! I HATE Syfy. If they had Syfy channel do it. There would:

    1.) Be AWFUL, even laughable, dialogue.

    2.) The actresses would all be Dumb as Hell and run around in Bikinis until they were splattered around everywhere in an over the top, unnecessarily gory death.

    3.) The CGI would make Claymation look good. And forget animatronics, they'd probably use a sock puppet.

    4.) There would probably be just plain awful character development.

    All of these and more would make the movie/TV show watchable only for Criticism value only. OH and people will definitely laugh AT it...not in a good way.

  • I honestly can't remember too much from the third movie ... it was just that bad. I do remember being super super pissed about the whole T-Rex vs. Spino battle though. I mean you have two whole movies, untold amounts of merchandise, and two well written novels portraying the Rex as the pinnacle of dinosaur badassery only to have him bested (and killed no less) by some stupid looking crocodile wannabe. Are you kidding me?


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