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Slow down, Telltale!

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I don't like to play the devil's advocate. Actually, I like to be a fan boy, because it owns! :p

Nevertheless, I feel I should say something about the direction Telltale is going, because some things have happened recently and I'm a bit puzzled about some decisions my beloved company has made. I'll get down some examples in order to back up my thoughts (skip to the end of the enumeration if you're easily bored :cool: ):

1) The first episode of Wallace & Gromit, i.e. Fright of the Bumblebees, was published with a resolution-setting bug everyone was aware of. It seems that nobody wanted to change the release date to correct the problem before getting many users frustrated. I know, release dates are extremely important for the whole Telltale enterprise, but still. That bug wasn't a minor issue.

2) The Strong Bad dvd lacked the audio commentaries and was less rich than S1 and S2 in bonus content. :(

3) I've decided to accept the direct control thing, because I like Telltale games for their script and game-design, but the control systems from W&G and ToMI seem to suffer from schizophrenia. I bought a joypad to enjoy W&G better (unfortunately there was no direct support for it, but I managed to solve the problem with Joy2Key) and it worked. I was expecting that ToMI would feature the same control layout with the hotspot rotation keys, but I was rather surpised to see that a mouse was strongly recommended. I've bought a joypad to accomodate myself to Telltale's new system but that system changed (again). I've also read that the development on ToMI began when nobody knew which control system would have been featured.

4) It's strange that nobody had planned a clear strategy regarding the translations of ToMI, especially considering that W&G has been published subtitled in the four main languages. I don't mean that ToMI should have been published already translated from the beginning, I just mean that a strategy stronger than "We don't know yet" had to be ready.

5) I like the art on ToMI, but it's undeniably simpler than W&G's. I supposed that it was due to the upcoming Wii port, so I didn't complain. I like to play my games on PC, but I'm not anti-console, so I could accept the strategy if this means a broader audience for adventure games. Now I read that the Wii version has a lot of problems and I wonder: why didn't Telltale choose to go Xbox 360 for this? Because they were already making W&G for the Live Arcade? Wouldn't have been wiser to wait for W&G to wrap and THEN publish ToMI for PC and Xbox 360? Or publish ToMI just for the PC, postponing the console ports? :confused:

6) Right now you're working on ToMI, CSI Deadly Intent, various portings and something else we don't know (I guess). I have the feeling you're in overload mode, considering that even the press advance copy of ToMI ep1 was made available really late in the process, and I guess the press evaluation copy of The Bogey Man won't be ready until after the game ships on the 29th.

Why did I loose so much time to write this post?
That's simple.

I think you're going too fast.

Full Throttle :p, granted.
But you're losing something in this rush, you're losing the time to make your creative and commercial choices stronger.
I am worried you could get offended by these remarks, because I know you've been working your asses off in these last weeks, but I hope you will understand I'm not "doing the flamer" here.
I considered you an awesome developer/publisher, but in the last months you just slipped a bit down the chart. Let's say you're now around the "very good still rather trustworthy developer/publisher". :D

I joke because I am not that angry, I've been following you since Telltale Texas Hold'Em and I'm also happy you've risen the difficulty level in ToMI after the relatively easy Strong Bad and W&G.
I'm just worried that you're not allowing yourself the time to grow in the best way possible.

I think that - as a fan - I should express my concerns openly. ;)

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  • I tend to shut up if others already make my point for me, but I feel like joining the chorus this time, because seeing that blog post just made me think "God no".
    To add another symptom: support falling apart. In the olden days Telltale's support service was considered amazing. Now the shopping and activation support forum is filled with people who never heard back. I myself can't get a reaction even after pming Amy. (I don't blame her per se, I'm guessing support is understaffed and swamped.)

  • I don't think the issue is "Telltale is doing too much" but more that the resources don't quite match what they are being asked to do.. hence issues with support etc.. It is the cost of running a successful profitable company though I'm sure.. Telltale has come a long way..

  • @Alan Johnson said: Hey guys! I know you're wondering about how Telltale is going to fit in all of these projects we've recently announced but rest assured, that even though we've made known our plans for the nearish future in one fell swoop, all of these releases will not hit in short order. The games you're all now aware of are what's on our plate for the next year and beyond.

    While I appreciate the reassurance, that doesn't seem to be the case. I see four episodic series in the works this year. We're in the middle of Back to the Future right now, Jurassic Park is coming out soon, The Walking Dead is slated for a Fall 2011 release, and Law and Order has already been confirmed for 2011. There's also Puzzle Agent 2 and Hector, though I won't count those since they're small (not to mention the latter not actually being developed by Telltale).

    It seems Fables and King's Quest are the only upcoming announcements to not be this year.

  • Well, it seems that Telltale Games seem to be too busy to focus on the other chapters for Tales of Monkey Island for the iPad. Can they please slow down and focus on these chapters, for once? :(

  • @Hero1 said: I don't think the issue is "Telltale is doing too much" but more that the resources don't quite match what they are being asked to do.. hence issues with support etc.. It is the cost of running a successful profitable company though I'm sure.. Telltale has come a long way..

    Hence this is exactly what "they're trying to do too much by theirselves" means.

  • JP is delayed! Horray!!!! :D
    WOW, TT finally slowed down!!! :)

    Quality won!
    It's a new day!!! :D

  • Unless of course it's been plauged by problems. But let's be positive, this could be a good sign. i look keenly towards hearing the first reviews and impressions of it :)

  • @Bloody Eugene said: JP is delayed! Horray!!!! :D
    WOW, TT finally slowed down!!! :)

    I must admit I didn't expect this.
    Sounds good and promising. :)
    I hope the Jurassic Park project is still afloat.

  • I wish we could get more development updates on the various properties - I certainly think that would avoid people's disappointment at such significant unexpected delays and would restore the link that I feel this mass expansion of properties has kinda undermined recently

  • I think this is a good decision...
    Too bad we had to sacrifice Back to the Future in order to get it.

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