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Worst Levels You've Ever Encountered

posted by Hayden on - last edited - Viewed by 2.8K users

In almost every game (mostly action or platformer games) there's always that one level that we dislike, hate or absolutely despise. It's the one that thought was crap upon our first playthrough, and it's the one we dread upon each replay. It might have caused you immense frustration and made you tear out your hair, it might have seemed almost impossible, it might have been one of those levels that presents a problem that seems to have no solution whatsoever, it might have been poorly designed, it might have been annoying, or you might've just plain not liked it for your own personal reasons. For whatever reason it may be, we all have levels that we hate and wish never existed.

So share your tales of frustration here, tear your least favourite levels to shreds, nitpick, explain why these levels were so terrible, and criticize and abuse the designers of said levels (whoever they may be).

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