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CSI 3: Dimensions Case 5 help

posted by HamletScrummed on - last edited - Viewed by 622 users

I am playing this on the PS2 and am about to throw it out the window. This is yet another case that won't let me select an object that all the walkthroughs tell me I need to do-- in this case, it's the murder scene (yes! the first scene!) and I cannot take a photo of the crate as it relates to the vehicle. I can take a photo of the body in the crate just fine, but no matter how many times I restart the case, I cannot get a position that lets me take a photo of the crate as it relates to the car.

Without this photo, no other locations open up. HELP?!?

My first copy was defective and I've had to restart a couple of the other cases in order to be able to select an object (yeah, I know this defies machine-logic) but I've now restarted this case 7 times and cannot get this photo op.

Any help is appreciated...



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