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Steam Client Woes

posted by Jenny on - last edited - Viewed by 653 users

I was very anti-Steam for a long time, but recently I've been thinking of logging back into my account and possibly purchasing some more Telltale games on there (I only have SMI:SE so far).

Well, I download the client onto my computer again, go through the password retrieval system, get the code in my email, go to reset and well it gives me an error that it can't reset at this time. So I find myself stuck. I then proceed to the Steam forums and find similar threads about this. Everyone says you have to contact support... okay, a little discouraged, but I go to contact support... but it seems I have to log into my Steam account to contact support, which I can't do. Then I go to post a thread on their forums, but it says the administrator won't let me post.... is this a sign I should not have even re-considered Steam?

I was hoping someone here might have an idea of a direction I could go at this point. Since I only have one game purchased, making a new account wouldn't be a big deal, but if this happened once, I dread it happening if I've bought 20 + games there.

Has anyone experienced this problem before? I may just stick with buying the games straight from Telltale as I've done in the past. But a friend of mine convinced me to give Steam another chance, but I'm not too keen on that after all this. Has there been any news on being able to purchase LeChuck's Revenge: SE directly from Telltale anytime soon?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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  • Yes is sure will. I've downloaded some games, and saved them myself, which seems okay. I'll usually put them on a DVD and my portable hard drive, just in case.

    Even console games are going away from hard copies it seems, right? With all the "live" content being introduced.

    For me, if I don't hold the game in my hand, it doesn't seem as real. Just yesterday I was reading a game manual from an xbox game and my friend looked at me as though I had three heads. :p

  • I'm entirely sure at some point even console content will be distributed digitally.

  • So many games require online activation these days, even if you have a hard copy, you still need the internet before you can play. (You can back up Steam games to DVD or HDD, if you want a quick re-install later.)

  • Just write down your password somewhere you can find it again next tim. Mine is always in my Orange Box retail case. Not that I would ever forget it anyways...

  • I'll definitely be doing that. I've been writing any new passwords down for the last year in a secure location in my home, just in case.

    I'm not sure how much that would have helped in this situation though. I've been reading their forums and am getting more discouraged. It seems that many people are unable to even log into their accounts (using their correct word), and when they go to reset it they find themselves in my exact situation.

    Would be great if I could post there, but I'm still "waiting on the queue, to be added."

  • Jenny, don't fall victim to a "stacked card" fallacy. You're looking at a sample slanted toward your situation, rather than comparing that sample against the greater whole of users.

  • Steam is awesome. Don't let these bad experiences get you down. I've never seen a better system.

  • I've gotten to where I always make .iso's or .cue/.bin's of all my software anyway when I buy things on hard copy. It's just easier and faster to install them that way. Of course, some games require the actual disc to be inserted which prompts me to take further measures to prevent it from doing so, but that's a different issue.

    ... or maybe it's not a different issue at all. Considering the nature of downloaded games, that problem becomes a moot point for games bought from such as Steam.

    It would seem to me that when compared to other game distribution services, Steam seems to have better (and more frequent) deals, good customer support, and a large library. I could also mention that many (most?) Steam games that support Mac and PC only require one purchase to run said game on either platform, but I don't have a Mac so I don't really care :P.

    Also, it seems to me that Steam's menus are the easiest to navigate, the search function works better than most, and the trailers/screenshots are on the same screen as the game info rather than requiring further clicks to access.

  • @Chyron8472 said: I could also mention that many (most?) Steam games that support Mac and PC only require one purchase to run said game on either platform

    Make that an "all". All games that are available for PC and MAC only need to be purchased once on Steam.

  • I just got a reply to my support ticket, and they reset my password and sent me a temporary one. The reply email I got did mention using their "retrieval system" in the future, but that was exactly what the problem was, I kept getting errors with their automated retrieval system. Still, I'm relieved and happy to have my account back, even if they had to reset it manually.

    I'm still very curious as to why the ordinary retrieval system wasn't working to begin with, but at least I didn't have to wait that long to get a response.

    Thanks for the support and advice here. I'm feeling a little better about Steam in general now.

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