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What will you use the voucher for?

posted by Bloody Eugene on - last edited - Viewed by 531 users

Will you use it for BTTF? Or for buying again JP? Or will you make a gift?

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  • @Sir Craigius said: Does the code actually work on entire seasons? That seems overly generous. I assumed it was a single game or episode.

    Since I already own nearly everything they have, with a few that I simply dont want, I opted for Hector. Had been considering getting that anyway.

    The Seasonal format of episodic games are basically one big game split up into different months. Imagine a typical retail game in your store and imagine you getting 3 Campaign missions a month (out of 12 or so). 5 Episodes = 1 Retail Game.

  • Does that mean I've used my voucher on a $9 game when I could have used it on an entire season for $30?? :(

  • For now yes but it has been said that if you used it to get the first episode of Hector then you will be able to get episodes 2 & 3 for free when they become available (though you may have to e-mail them about it).

  • Really? Well thats ok then :D

  • Wait, I haven't gotten my voucher yet, it comes through email right?

  • @nblackburn said: heres my views on this matter....

    Personally i think that Telltale deserve our money for Jurassic Park, clearly they care about their fans and customers alike and that really does show with what they have offered us, not many company's would step up and offer things like that for a delay, so they have my full respect for that, so i'm going to get Hector and give them my money once Jurassic Park is available for preorder once again, we love you Telltale

    I couldn't agree more. In fact I couldn't help but feel guilty if I got Jurassic Park for free. Seeing as though I have already bought Hector, I might just give the voucher away to my brother or something.

  • For me it's a no brainer - I'm saving the code for Jurassic Park when it's ready for release again. I'm also going to buy one of the other games on the site (W&G or BTTF) in the meantime, so that Telltale still gets some money from me out of this in the end. It's the least I can do to show my appreciation for the service they've given us :)

  • i will use my voucher for nothing because the voucher is useless and only worth $24.99, not even enough to get Jurassic Park back.

  • @Bloody Eugene said: TT was so kind and unique to refund and gift me an entire series that I would feel guilty to get JP for free... I think I'll use my voucher to make a gift to a friend, and then buy again JP.

    A man after my own heart. I also am going to support Telltale by using my coupon on Hector and buying JP again in the fall.

  • @chemistx2 said: A man after my own heart. I also am going to support Telltale by using my coupon on Hector and buying JP again in the fall.

    Sounds good to me. I'm going to do the opposite with my code, but for the same purpose of showing my support for Telltale.

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