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my simpsons drawings

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My name is Christopher and I am 27 and 3/4 years old. I like to draw fine detailed pictures of characters from the hit television programme 'The Simpsons'. I am not employed by The Simpsons, I am just a young talented artist who has worked hard and practiced drawing Simpsons characters for 5 hours a day, 22 years of my life. In the words of Ralph Wiggum: I am a grape.

I am not connected to the simpsons in any way. I am just a normal man.


Oh god. It's nison the homeless idiot from the schhol. who he doesnt give anyone a chance. He is too rough to know but he has a soft edge probably to him. I like the episode where he sat on apu and made him think he was a book.. He is a cheater so dont trust him cos he makes everything sound like a attitude or a show. He is good to draw because he is a cheeky tshirt boy and a in school.


Oh no it's the terrible twins Pattsie and Selmas, Homers sisters from 'The Simpsons'. They are the main trouble in Springsfields. They have got nothing kind to say and are fighters. They have voices like a deaf and are bad attitude in pairs which is the worst bad attitudes. I don't like them but I like the episode when they went up to Apu and put their faces dead close to his shoulders all day and didnt leave him alone. They are hard to draw because of two.


Due to popular demand I have drawn the character that plays the idiot in the Simpsons. I love him because he is not afraid to just go for it. I love the episode when he stole his dads gun and shot himself in the arm because he was just fed up with everything. His catchphrase "I am a grape" is probably one of the most memorable ones from The Simpsons. He is quite hard to draw but if you get the eyes right then you will find it easier to do the mouth. But if you get the eyes wrong you'll basically just get laughed at if you show anyone.


This is professor frink and he plays the mentalist character in the Simpsons. He is always trying to get Bart and slap the back of his legs with a wet cloth. Personally I hate drawing him because it is so difficult but heres a tip to get it spot on: always make sure you leave enough room between the eyes and his glasses or it will just look completely stupid and wont look like him at all. Print my drawing out and trace it if it makes perfecting it easier for you.


This is Moes from the Simpsons. He is pretty difficult to draw but I think I did a pretty good job and really captured his attitude.


It's the silly character, Smivvers. He is always running around any tickling people. He is a very silly character because he doesn’t know what he's doing any more. He runs into rooms and says really quickly that it's just Smivvers and then runs out dead quick and people thought it was just the wind talking. I like Smivvers because he is fun and likes to be fun and he is like a baby. He is fun to draw because he has a nice smile and can run fast.


I made a picture of the fats Tony character played by the mob villain fats Tony. Known to Simpsons fans across the globe as 'The dirb', he is violent and has a bad attitude and will kill men because he hates people that move. My favourite episode is when he paid Bart to milk his rat and then lay on Apu and made him drink a rat for a day in a casino. He is good to draw because he is Italian and has tight eyes.


Is it a bird is it a planes? No it's radioactivated man the superman from The Simpsons. He is not to be messed because he will melt your legs and go silent and then trip you up and put his knee in your face and make you feel sick. Before he punches crooks he shouts “go and get them”, and then hits for the sky. I love to draw him because he is never tired and has all red except for his yellow front face.


It's the duff man from the brewery factory. He is just a big character and is always kissing. He has a bad sharp attitude and hits people if they don't look at him when he talks. My favourite episode of his is when he didn't sleep for 3 days and went and hid under a bridge and threw a big rock at a train. He is easy to draw because he has a red hat but he has hard to draw eyes because they are right inside his glasses


It's the bleeding gum Murphies the trumpet player from the Simpsons. He was not in it for long but when her was he was a strong attitude character because he played trumpet at the moon and constantly tried to make lisa cry by dying in her bed. My favourite episode of his is when he went in Lisas bed and died for a joke. He is good to draw because he is holding something thats long and he has a glasses.


Here is Principal Lovejoy from the church. He's a man of a cloth and he is really obvious. I don't know if I like him or not but I like the episodes where he stands near a car. He is not easy to draw because he has eyes that are different an like an eggs. I love his catchphrase "you've done it this time Apu" because Apu is always asking him to go bowling and phoning him at night.


Everyone has been asking me for the villain character from the Simpsons that is played by the Side Show Bobbed character. He is known to Simpsons fans as "the shat cat". He is wild. I would not want to know him because he is too much like a prisoner. I like the episode where he sliced open his chest and put a garden rake inside himself and stole a boat and sang 2 songs because he was an idiot. Bob is good to draw because he has hair like a dead windmill and he has straight eyelids that are good.


Uh oh. It's the school bully Jimbo Johns. He is a complete failure and a total threat to Springfield. He actually makes me angry. Although I did like the episode where he licked Kent Brockman's shoes. Jimbo is a real fun character to draw because his hat is purple but if you get his nose wrong it will look really wrong. I love his catchphrase "gimmie a break dad".


Here is everyones favourite pathetic old man Jasper Beard. He is the longest beard character in the Simpsons which is why he is old. My favourite episode is when Jasper ate a branch off a tree to impress Marge. I love when he pinches the backs of his legs to make them bleed. He is fun to draw because of his beard but always make sure you have long paper cos his beard is longer than most paper.


It's Dr Nick! You always know when he walks into a room because he says his famous catchphrase "how are you going to doing everybody". He is another mentalist in The Simpsons. My favourite episode of his is when he set up surround sound in his living room and he ate one of the speakers for a laugh and then nearly died but Apu cut slices off his own leg and fed them to Dr Nick to bring him back to health. Dr Nick is a good character to draw because he is so positive about life and has black hair.


Look who it is. It's the best friend character from the Simpsons played by Milhouse. I like Milhouse because he is true to himself and never lets anyone put him down. I love the episode where he pretended to be dead in the morning when his mum tried to wake him for school and she shook him so hard she fractured his neck and broke his collar bone. He is quite tricky to draw because he has blue hair. A tip for drawing hands: always focus on the fingertips because these are what people see first.


Karl and Lenny are the odd characters from the Simpsons television programme. They are always getting in to trouble and their episodes always end with Lenny getting blinded by a fork and Karl just saying, "och just forget it", and walking off. They are great characters to do fine detailed pictures of. There is a fine point between getting them completely wrong and getting them spot on. I think i've manged to get them completely spot on.


Mr Burns is a really fun character to do detailed pictures of. As with the picture I did of Moe, I really think i've captured Mr Burns' attitude. I love his catchphrase, "release the wolves, smivvers".


This is another tricky Simpsons character to do. If anyone want's any hints/tips on how to draw Apu then just send me a PM and i'll send you a link for a template I made for him.


Fine detailed portrait of crusty the odd Clown from the television programme 'The Simpsons'


Fine detailed portrait of Bart Simpson from the television programme 'The Simpsons'


Fine detailed portrait of Homer Simpson from the television programme 'The Simpsons'


Fine detailed portrait of Marge Simpson from the television programme 'The Simpsons'


Fine detailed portrait of Lisa Simpson from the television programme 'The Simpsons'


Fine detailed portrait of Maggie Simpson from the television programme 'The Simpsons'


When I was just a little I used to cry at the bit in et when he went in the woods and collapsed on a log and fainted. I hope you all dont mind if i tell you more about myself and my favourite things. But et is one of my favourite because he is from space and has brown hair and thinks everything is funny because.


This is the groundskeeper character Willie the groundskeeper. He is mental. He always hides on people and jumps out and just basically goes completely mental at people and screams in their face for ages. He is difficult to get right but if you put his fist near his face and get the distance of his beard in the right place then you shoudn't have any problems getting it to look like you've just traced it from a Simpsons magazine.


This is Maude Flander who is Ned's wife. They used to live together until she went and died. My favourite Maude episode is the one where she caught her blouse on a tree and her shoes fell off and she lost them. She is really exciting to draw because her eyelashes are so long and she wears lipstick.


Here is Grandpar Simpsons. He plays Homers dad in The Simpsons. He is always asking everyone where his glove is and he can never find it. I love the Grandpa episode where he gets shot in the arm by Apu and Apu panics and trys to strangle him but Grandpa manages to escape but still nearly dies. He is really easy to draw because his hair is the same colour as his skin.


Here is the Comic book character from tellys number one smash hit The Simpsons. Known to Simpsons fans around the globe as 'The retarded onion', he is always tickling Homers face and clapping sarcastically at Marge as she hangs the washing up. He is basically impossible to draw because he has a zig-zag beard. But if you use a ruler to draw the beard like I have, it makes it a bit easier.


Bumblebee Man is also known to Simpsons fans as 'The Chinese idiot'. He's so stupid people make him eat weird stuff like cooking oil and plastic. He doesn't like anyone to touch him, which is why he always looks like he's shaking. Basically to draw him all you have to do is close your eyes and think of a bee and then just draw a bee with a mans face. It's that simple. But be careful when drawing the eyes because if you get the angle wrong then you wont get it right at all.


Here is the bus driver character called Otto. He is the wild character in The Simpsons. He always crashes the bus because he takes drugs and he doesn't care who gets in his path. He will literally just punch someone in the ear if they even look at him the wrong way. He is pretty fun to draw and I always have a nice time drawing him. Sometimes I like to imagine that I am Otto and I'm drawing myself. Just for a bit of fun.


Oh no it isn't! Oh yes it is! It's Ned! Homer's next door neighbour. He lives in a house made by the residents of Springfield and he is always banging his knee on the door in his house thats really small. He is probably the best character from televisions #1 smash 'The Simpsons' to draw because he has a moustache and brown hair.


Here we have a detailed portrait of Hans Moleman from television smash hit The Simpsons. He is the longest running Simpsons character and always gets the crazy storylines. I love his catchphrase, "lets go for it". He is really hard to draw because he is old, but if you get his nose in the right position and his eyes just perfect then you can really pull it off.


This is the McBain character from the hit show The Simpsons. He's tough and doesn't let anyone get in his way. I like the episode where he kidnapped Bart and forced him to cut himself loads. He is so hard to draw because of his intense attitude but I think if you can catch that attitude quickly when you start drawing then there really isn't a problem.


This is the coolest character from the television programme The Simpsons. He is always turning up at parties and dancing on tables and kicking drinks over or spitting in peoples drinks and hiding and watching them drink it. I've tried to make this picture as detailed as possible. To me it actually looks like a photograph. I hope you agree


This is the fish character from The Simpsons. Bart found him lying on a rock and nearly stood on him but Apu was walking in the woods stopped bart and they took the fish home and wrapped it in a wet cloth and kept it alive by dribbling fish milk into its mouth for a week. Then Mr Burns stole it and made it into a jacket. I wouldn't say its my favourite Simpsons character to draw, but its definitely my favourite fish to draw.


I really love to do portraits of the Barney character from The Simpsons. He is always doing the things that we want to do but just don't have the guts to do. I love when he walks down the street and just punches people in the back of the head or just completely stands still for ages so people think he's a wood carving. I love his catchphrase "whats wrong with me".

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