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Loose ends to tie up in Episode 5

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Hey all, I figured I would start a thread for Telltale to easily gander. Eppy 5 is coming, while I am sure the bulk of it is lined out. I figured now that we played Eppy 4, we should point out any possible loose ends, comments and so that they may be able to address or clarify for us somehow in Eppy 5.

For me its:
1: Einstein statues at the clock tower??
2: How does Marty telling the younger Doc who he is change things in the future? Or was this how their friendship even started to begin with!
3: Do we get to see how 2 Deloreans even happened to begin with?
4: Now that Docs inspriation changed... seems even IF they get things back on track in the timeline, things are going to be a new altered state. Doc never saw the movie, but the clocktower did still set things back on track it seems. So does this alter in a sense the Doc we knew?
5: It seems 1885 was unaltered. So Its still odd.. that if Doc never built the machine to begin with, did those adventures still happen somehow? Kinda odd how this whole timeline thing is playing out after being so altered.
6: Makes me wonder (and suspect in my mind) who the real Speakeasy arsonist is... heh.

Misc Comments:
1: No Hoverboard? Comon now! lol
2: No mention of Ednas Brother after all this time?
3: Comon Clara! Use that Time Train already and slap Doc back into his old self! (Kinda bugs me that she isnt around)
4: You know... Edna really could use some happiness after everything we saw.
5: The way in my mind to fix the timeline right now... I have this thought in my mind, to Quote WOPR. "The only winning move is: Not to play" heh. Meaning somehow either destroy at the source the whole 30s adventure or something heh. This timeline really is already altered to where things will be diff in 1986. Tho its cool. =)

Anyways if others have loopholes and ends to suggest, might be a good time while its still early. =)

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  • It just clicked. I think it has to do with Marty and FC-Doc's conflicting interests. Marty wants to bring the timeline back to "normal", or as "normal" as it can get - but FC-Doc has other ideas.

  • @Jtucker1789 said: I don't know what you guys think, but I feel that Episode 5 will/should be huge in least it better be to cover everything that has been left in the air...I thought I knew what was going to happen but after Double Visions I have no clue!

    * Where did the automatic retrieval send the duplicate Delorean?
    2025 or 2026
    *Can there actually be two versions of Doc (FCB and Original) co-existing in different years?
    there's conflicting opinions. I personally believe that there can only be one version of a person at any age. But there could be old doc popping up in different time periods he's already travelled to; 1885, 1931, 1955, 2015, and 2025/2026. Again there's conflicting evidence whether these events happened; The ravine name is called Clayton ravine implying the previous time travels did not happen but old doc is still in FCB's picture of kid's arrest implying that time travel DID happen
    * How will we get our Doc back?
    that's the big mystery. Either marty has to get young emmett back on the track that makes him turn into old doc instead of FCB or marty travels to a point in time old doc went to intercept him

    * When will we get to see the Hoverboard, and will we get to use it? (Btw I thought we'd see it by now)
    Marty did reference the hoverboard in episode 3 when he used the delorean tire to fly. We have no clue where the hoverboard is, doc is the ast one to have it

    * Do we get to travel to the year 2015 or 1955?
    anything is a possibility, 2015 I'd say is unlikely, if we get the future it'll likely either be 2011 andor 2025/2026
    * How do the time circuits become operational?
    what do you mean? They are working but not calibrated properly
    * Why did Doc act reluctant to answer Marty's questions in Episode 2?
    which one?
    * Is Trixie Trotter really who she says she is?
    that is the great debate
    * Will Young Emmett succeed at the science fair?
    It's about 50/50. Him succeeding would likely avoid the FCB timeline but i'm thinking he gets sabotaged by Edna and/or his older self
    * Where the hell is Biff?
    citizen plus station

    * How can Marty get back to 1986 when FCB turned on him and has the delorean?
    that's the major question; my theory is that with the time circuits on the fritz and the automatic retreival system, the delorean shows up somewhere. Or FCB knows better to strand him in 1931
    * What is the significance of Marty's dream in Episode 1?
    doc indicates he miscalibrated the time circuits and his fading likely signifies what happens to him at the end of episode 2
    * Who is the Speakeasy arsonist?
    thats the magic question

    Ugh! So many unanswered questions, and every episode before this has been fairly short. I just hope that Outatime delivers and is a long game. I just don't see how this is going to end! :confused:

    please see my comments in italics

  • I don't think ALL answers gonna be answered... There is gonna be a season 2 surely.

  • the don't have to tie everything up. Sometimes questions are left unanswered

  • Yeah really, since when does life hand you all the answers... there's always going to be unanswered questions anyways to raise interest in another season.

  • Will BTTF be Telltale's "Lost?" :eek:

  • @Jtucker1789 said: * Is Trixie Trotter really who she says she is?

    I'm quite confident that Trixie Trotter actually is (or will be) Sylvia McFly

  • @bttf4444 said: One thing I'm wondering:

    * Did Doc also get duplicated with the DeLorean? If not, then why?

    I thought that the "Double Visions" title was meant to be related with Doc's duplicate...

  • @bttf4444 said: One thing I'm wondering:

    * Did Doc also get duplicated with the DeLorean? If not, then why?

    I'm sure we'll find out the answer to that in this episode.

  • Lot of questions.
    To me I will have to say the major things will need to be addressed for me to somehow believe in TellTale Games and their work.
    - Will OG Doc come back and finally explain the whole going to 1931?
    - Who is the speakeasy arsonist?
    - Will everyone have a happy ending?

    All other things will either be explained in some weird theory or be left for a second go.

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