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load it on steam?

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hi all

if the telltale games are available on steam can i download them there?:confused:

if so thanks

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  • Yes, but only if you buy them through Steam. Games you bought at the Telltale store here can't be downloaded there and vice versa.

  • Yeah,, they're separate purchases. Buying it on one platform does not mean you can play it on another (sadly). This also applies to the various different console versions, so you can't buy the PS3 version of Back to the Future and expect to get the Steam version for nothing.

    Telltale have said (and someone will no doubt come along and correct me, but this is what I understand) it's not worth it to try and link the various different versions up.

    Basically, buying it on Steam/PSN/Xbox Live/WiiWare means that some of the money goes to Valve/Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo for using their Steam/PSN/XBox Live/WiiWare service, while purchasing it directly from Telltale means all the money goes straight to them and they don't have to share it with anyone.

    Linking the various versions up would not only cost Telltale full-stop to implement the process, but it would also reduce the number of sales overall, since everyone would only buy one copy instead of several, as a surprising number do (I, for example, own Strong Bad on three different consoles).

    Like I say, not really worth it.

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