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Idiosyncratic Routine

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Do you find yourself acting out personal and wholly unnecessary rituals when playing certain games? If so, then please share your individual OCD lunacy below. I'll get the proverbial ball rolling...

Marble Madness: I always attempt to get the ball to land on the "O" of "GOAL" at the end of each stage, so that the ball essentially becomes the letter "O".

Gitaroo Man: Upon completion of each stage the camera zooms in and settles on Gitaroo Man's guitar; at which point I spin the analogue stick so that the on screen radar creates a circle within the circular central area of the guitar. Also, during those moments of a song when the are no on screen prompts, I rhythmically tap the X button which in turn causes the cenral dot (which the radar emits from) to flash in sync with the music.

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