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hey released my first novel today..

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not sure how Emily's book is going..but man what an investment of time..

anyway this is a little self promotion.. but I thought the kind of audience on this site may be interested..

It's called Social Media Murder

A man attends a social media event in real life and ends up dead. The detectives are drawn into this new digital frontier and discover they must use social media to solve the murder.
This is neo noir. A classic detective novel set in a world that we have never seen before. Where technology keeps us constantly connected and our lives are broadcast instantly to the world. Its current, relevant and required reading for those who know nothing about social media, and for those who are completely addicted.

available for the kindle.. & if you get the kindle app - the ipad,iphone,android,pc,mac

anyone else released any books here? I'd like to check out some other people's work too

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