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CSI Game Episodes

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Just wondering if the concept for Sam and Max season 1 and part of season 2might work for CSI?

For a fixed money you can download several hour's worth of gameplay which would then feel like an hour's worth of watching an entire episode?

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  • If you want plot to go down then you would be say a new CSI investigator that gets involved with a recurring plot and be able to work with a different partner for each case... if you want to go far then you'll be able to go to either Miami to help Miami-DADE or New York likewise for their crimelab.

    I know it's like a bitch if you think about it but hey I would like to download an entire season's worth of playable CSI.

  • Say for instance there's a case that is linked to a lot of suspects and it takes you to different parts of America... say go to New York, Miami and Vegas etc and then Sam and Max Season wise each case is connected via characters, themes and choices made from each game.

    I was thinking more say you might want to choose each response depending on how you want to solve each case... I mean obviously there would be multiple paths to choose from making it an open ended episode.

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