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Chariots of the Gods? Ahem dogs?

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Dont know if this is a spoiler so I wont put a box in it but just beware there might be plot spoils below... ep is not out yet.

I dont know how old most of you are but I know of a book and later a tv episode called chariots of the gods?

Now this was sorta referenced in zak mckracken with the mars face and such so I cant wait to see how it gets implemented into an episode. Will it be Zak Mckracken ish! Will there be stale bread tossed out a window only to crash on a sidewalk making a hole in the street.

This book is so filled with awesome possibilities in terms of sam & max just read up on it and let that stroodle in the noodle.

Then again the ep could just be using the name.. not the book.. im only guessing. XD

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