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Fingerprint analysis issues

posted by Dogberry on - last edited - Viewed by 720 users

I am unable to see the fingersprints on the analysis computer therefore I am unable to compare evidence or samples. I can do and see everything else.
Has anyone else had this problem if so how did you resolve it OR os anyone else having this problem?

It's driving me nuts!!

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    MarkDarin Telltale Staff

    Usually when there are graphical issues involved, the recomended thing to do is update your video card drivers. This tends to fix most issues.

    Also, I assume you are talking abut CSI: Hard Evidence for the PC. If not, let us know what you are playing!

  • Thank you Kedri, I'm sure you are right but I am so into my game that I hate to wait lol

    Yes markDarin it is CSI hard evidence which is why I posted this problem in the CSI hard evidence section ;~)
    I have no idea what graphics card I have nor any idea how to update it. unfortunately I am not a pc expert lol

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    MarkDarin Telltale Staff

    Well, if ya wanna get technical, Dogberry, this is simply the CSI Gaming section. Not specifically CSI: Hard Evidence. LOL. Besides, people pose some weird stuff in here sometimes, so I just wanetd to make sure.

    To get even more technical, try this to find out what video card you have:

    "Right-click My Computer, select Manage, and click on Device Manager on the left-hand side of the window that opens up. (It's under System Tools if you can't find it.) Then, on the right side of the window, click on Display Adapters."

    After that, search google for drivers for that card. That should put you on the right track.

  • Oh I'll give that a go thank you Mark!!

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    Dogberry: Can you post what graphics card you are using?

  • Dogberry - I hope this gets resolved for you. I would recommend going to the ubisoft website, since they are handling the official tech support for the game. Someone there can walk you through the driver installations.

  • Hi all.
    Seg, I Have an SiS Mirage Graphics card.
    DG, I have looked on that website and also registered my problem but still have no reply.

    I have managed to complete the game but had to use guesswork to match blank finger print images to blank finger print images which completely took the enjoyment out of the game :(
    I hope this topic keeps going in case anyone else has the same problem.

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    That's a card me and our support staff have never even heard of. What little information I can find on it, it is an intergraded graphics card which usually creates problems. Reading their support pages, their bad advice on support fixes (recommending never to re-install DirectX) really doesn't instill confidence in the brand.

    It's great that everything else worked for you to play and finish the game. As for fixing this issue on your particular card, I don't think there's much else that can be done to resolve the problem. The card is neither based on ATI, Nvidia, or Intel chipsets, so it's anyone's guess as to how that hardware works or doesn't with DirectX.

  • The card is just what came with the pc.
    I managed to blow my old pc up hehehehe I wish I had salvaged all the bits that had on it because despite looking like something from the ice age it was actually top notch...unlike the one I have now :(

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