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Talltale Games Back To The Future: The Video Game II>>>

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Telltale Games, Back To The Future: The Video Game II>>>(mutiplatform), I wonder if you Talltale Games Would make a Back To The Future: The Video Game II>>> sort of like RockStar Games made Grand Theft Auto Series & L.A. Noire games.
A Full All Out game where the Player Actually Gets to Drive the Delorean and Doc Brown Time Train with the ability to actually travel to Various Timelines like The Dinosaur Age, The Old West, The 1950s, The 1960s, the 1970s, the 1980s, the 1990s, the 2000,The Current Year, and Some Future-like Times at least 20, 30, 60 years.
Being able to control Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and maybe more would be great and fun Driving the Delorean The Time Train and traveling through time in a ghuge sandbox like world would be great and fun.
I know now days this is possible with games being able to hold more Data.
I brought the Back To The Future: The Video Game Series via PSN a BTTF:TVG Part 2 would be nice to hold us over til you make the game.
I would love to see this and maybe Non BTTF Fans and Most BTTF fans too would love to se a game like I Suggested. Check YouTube there is alot of short videos suggesting a game like this including hacks to the Grand Theft Auto PC games to show alll this is possible.

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  • @Gman5852 said: Did anyone at all notice he got the "telltale" wrong:D:D:D:D
    I just noticed that.

    I was actually facepalming while reading his entire post. He probably doesn't care much about the company itself, and he still thinks it's TALLTALE because the only time he ever gave a damn about the company was when he first looked at the trailer of the game (in which they intentionally write their names wrong for a second or two). Now that he spend an entire SECOND to know about the name he might either shut off his brain till the actual BTTF part of the video comes, or he manually skipped to there. And then, the name Talltale was burned into his brain till eternity, to the point he automatically disregards the URL and the LOGOS that are scattered around in the design of the very site he's on just to share his opinion.

    It's just... insincere and a shame, you know. A little of something that was intended to be a cute little joke can be taken so literally by the minds that are repulsive against the overwriting of ideas.

  • @Gman5852 said: Did anyone at all notice he got the "telltale" wrong:D:D:D:D
    I just noticed that.

    I think he comes from a different timeline. Twin pines(talltale) for him Lone pine (telltale) for us.

  • @ELB1985 said: I think he comes from a different timeline. Twin pines(talltale) for him Lone pine (telltale) for us.

    But he uses both interchangeably as seen below:

    @ELB1985 said: Telltale Games, Back To The Future: The Video Game II>>>(mutiplatform), I wonder if you Talltale Games Would make a Back To The Future: The Video Game II>>>

    Does this mean he's creating a paradox since he's seemingly in two timelines simultaneously?

    Damn it, Robert; our family has enough problems without you messing up the space-time continuum.

  • Perhaps he has Changed the past so many times he often gets Names mixed up in our Timeline. Meaning he must come from the Tri-Pines Mall Timeline!?

    Old Man peabody belived in Pine tree threesomes!

  • I strongly doubt there will EVER be a free-roaming game that allows you to travel to different time periods. Just think for a second about what the game would have to take care of and you'll see it's just not possible. Let's take GTA-gameplay as an example, since that seems to be what a lot of people want. First of all, the game would have to record and store EVERY player movement from EVERY point in the game, plus EVERYTHING around the player for the simple reason that it would have to be replayed, should you chose to visit that same time again later. And then WHAT should the game do if you smashed into your own car from the previous visit? Should it create a dent in your current car? Should it assume a paradox and fade you out (having changed the past, you may never have travelled to that time again)? There's just no way to handle that kind of interaction, and I doubt there ever will be, no matter the computational power at hand. It's just way too complicated. It's always easy to say "I would like...", but just think about it for only a few seconds. I don't see it happening.

  • Come on. Shadow of Memories does it and it's from 2001 ...

    We don't want a GTA game, we want an adventure game where you can explore a town, have places to visit, see peolpe and their ancestors etc... and have the ability to create paradoxes, to lose the game, to change the timeline by ourselves depending on our choices. Is that too hard ?

    There could be a paradox jauge. You can't use the delorean in the far west, as you can't use a hoverboard in the present. Doesn't mean you can't in their own timeline... And yet you would still be able to walk freely.

  • Well, I never played Shadow of Memories, but I thought someone said it was fairly linear. Apparently you can only travel between certain times and not freely. I was talking about the complete freedom a lot of people want. I still don't think that's possible.

  • You're right, that's not possible.

    But having a linear time travel (shadow of memories)and a place to explore is always better than having, well, none (BTTF).

    Also, people tend to underestimate how Shadow of Memories can get complicated. You have dozen of ways to complete the game, resulting in hundreds of cutscenes and 7 endings. You can do whatever you want and it can be fairly linear in the sense that nothing will stop you from doing what you want, which might be the first thing you think of. Thus you can pretty much complete a chapter in like, 2 minutes.

    Yet, if you want to think of other ways to cheat fate and time itself, it gets much more interesting, you can even meet some of your selves, you can try to change the fate of other characters (avoid death etc...). Nothing is forced on you, besides the time periods you can go to. But even there, you can find new ways to change them and to complete the chapters in a lot of ways. It's very subtle though.

    I know that much because I've been replaying it this week, trying to get the 100% . And I found stuff I never thought were in the game ^^ .

    My favorite so far being the explanation of alternate timelines and infinities of possibilities, while the individual can only choose one path.

  • That actually sounds pretty cool... I think I'll have to have a look at that game.. :)

  • If anything, there was the timetravel Majoras Mask from the N64 had.
    Not the best form of time travel, but you should see where Im going there.

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