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What you'd like to see in TTG's Kings Quest (merged threads)

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I've noticed in KQ games--ESPECIALLY KQ5--you get a lot of interesting things, both in the art and story, which are never explained but nonetheless entice. For example, look at the shot of the Roc carrying off Graham:

Note in the foreground there is a primitive village. It's there and it's made clear, yet we never learn anything about it, or visit it. It's just there to entice the eyes and get you wondering.


Or this snowy vista. Endless miles of snow lay beyond, perhaps kingdoms of ice and caves among the mountains in the distance--but we don't know. We aren't told. It's just there.

Then you have some of the characters. We never learn much about Mordack, but he comes off as a very powerful, dark, evil fellow right out of a pulp fantasy story. We don't know all that much about him, but we can see he's clearly obsessed with the occult, with snakes, and with some kind of cult (note his Satanic looking altar in the last photo ). None of this is explained to us, but that makes it all the more interesting.

Or, look at these scenes when Graham is in the boat.

Dozens of rocky islands are seen far off in the horizon, but we never visit them, and we're never told anything about them. And it leads the mind to wonder--what IS on those islands? What creature or people reside there? Your mind can run wild with speculation.

I think that a TT King's Quest game should have little things like this--places we can't explore that are just at the edge of the screen, far away places that tantalize the imagination, interesting characters who we don't learn the whole story of--Because it allows you to have things left up to your own imagination, to dream up your own stories and backstories about these characters and locations.

It leaves you hungrier for more--and such things have sustained the fan community for years. For example, single, cryptic message about something called the Black Cloak Society kept fans' imaginations fired for nearly 20 years, without us ever being told much of anything about this society other than it's name. Less is more in King's Quest, and in KQ, all of these lands, and characters are left purposely unexplained, and are never returned to, never explored in full, and it serves a good purpose:

It entices you, the same way a scantily clad woman is enticing and intriguing to the eye without revealing everything; It makes your mind wonder, and lights your imagination up. If you're told everything about a character or, are allowed to explore every crevice of a land, you lose the ability to imagine and dream yourself, and you become less an active participant in this wild, alien fantasy world and more a mere observer with everything about it being spoonfed to you.

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  • I would actually accept that. I would be ok with a 3-episode KQ series spanned around 2-3 months for each episode. Then, at least, there would be no excuse.

  • @MusicallyInspired said: I would actually accept that. I would be ok with a 3-episode KQ series spanned around 2-3 months for each episode. Then, at least, there would be no excuse.

    That's not a bad idea.. I imagine Telltale are still sticking with the 5 episodes though.

  • I came to think of Isle of Wonder in KQ6; you can't start exploring the island until you have the 5 required items to trick the gnomes.

    That's one of the reasons why episodic gaming might not be suitable for the KQ franchise, and I'd much rather see it released as a single game, or less episodes with much more content in them.

    Since the gnomes serve as 'guards' that keep you from exploring the world any further, they would seem like an 'episodic threshold' to overcome, non? i.e., fetching the 5 items would be the main part of episode I, fooling the gnomes would be the climax of episode I, and exploring the Isle of Wonder would be episode II.

  • Except that you would have to open the game to other islands to get the other items (at least the flower).

    The one part where TellTale might consider longer episodes with more content in each is that they have gone away from the pay per episode buisness model. You pay for the full season up front so I doubt it would make much difference to modify the episode layout. If it were a pay per episode plan, they would want MANY short episodes to milk you for the most money as possible.

  • I never was interested in the Kings Quest franchise but almost everytime i see this topic floating around, i'm wondering why the hell Kings Quest and not Space Quest instead?!

    Not that the Space Quest games were brilliant but at least the setting and at least the possible potential is a lot more interesting.

    Is it due to that Kings Quest was around before Space Quest? Are there different plans for Space Quest? Licence/money issues? Is it like those Nintendo decisions based on stats like that more people like/haveing dogs than cats so they go for dog games? No science fiction fans at Telltale? ...

  • King's Quest is more well-known, was Sierra's first adventure franchise (first third-person, free-roaming adventure franchise) and was the first game to invent such a style, and was Sierra's flagship series and mascot.

    Why not Space Quest? Well, you could just as easily say why not Gabriel Knight, Laura Bow, or Police Quest.

  • I could but i wouldn't because ...

    The first Kings Quest was in a shape that i would definately prefer playing a textadventure with a decent parser instead. Thinking of those it also could be an interesting task reviving one of those as a point&click adventure game.

    Gabriel Knight could have been interesting but it would be a different direction, maybe more the one TT is taking with the zombie and the Fables franchises already. I feel left out when the intention of making a Kings Quest adventure is that they want to provide a franchise for the old skool adventurers as the sierra adventures of those days simply sucked.

    And Police Quest was just a pile of garbage. On the other side Laura Bow could have been interesting. I have to think of the Blackwell serie now. Anyway a lot better than a Kings Quest.

    I sometimes think that within all these years only a certain percentage of the players have evolved and the developers are still making games for kids only. I would mind less if it at least would be done in a entertaining way but it often just turns out to be stupid. Story driven games often feel like teenager minded and experienced persons are trying to tell you something about life. It's nonsense and therefore more and more adults are turning away from quite a number of games.

    I think this is the beauty of games like Tetris, Torchlight, ... they don't try pretend to be something they aren't, like BTTF for instance does. They are just plain simple and because they are polished , the mechanics work, ... they are a lot of fun. Now if someone really tries to build a game on aspects like story, characters then it would be very much welcome if they at least try to do it in a convincing way. Nostalgia only, doesn't drive a game anymore, at least it doesn't work for me.

    Why are a few small indie productions able to deliver a adventure gaming experience where you don't feel like an idiot if you're older than a teenager and why isn't TT often able to?

  • Hey hey. Don't knock Police Quest. The third one wasn't so great, but the first two are classic.

  • PQ2 is one of, if not the best Sierra game. Period.

  • I generally can't share this enthusiasm for the old Sierra adventures but i wonder what it's worth in a relative way beeing the best of one of them.

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