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Is there any way for the Telltale version of the game to enable the TF2 items?

posted by Kyronea on - last edited - Viewed by 343 users

So, back in December, I purchased this game off the Telltale website for five bucks. I didn't own anything on Steam then--I bought this mostly because it had Strong Bad in it and I'm a longtime Homestar Runner fan.

Cue enough exposure to the Heavy plus other things to finally get me to buy Team Fortress 2 in May(the thing that finally convinced me was that the game was only ten bucks, when I was expecting it to cost fifty or something) and I'm happily having lots of fun in the game.

Except...I want my unlocks now. I didn't have Steam at the time I originally bought this game, hence why I bought it straight from Telltale.

Is there any way to get the items into the game from the Telltale version, or am I out of luck and have to buy the Steam version? (Or is there any chance of, since I already bought it from Telltale, that I can download the Steam version at no further cost to myself and just replay it to get the items that way?)

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