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any of you guys have super your dreams?

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An odd question to ask, but I am curious since I,myself have a few dreams where I have one particular superpower that seems consistenr. In those dreams, I have the power to turn into a metal ball(like Samus in metroid) except it floats rather than moves on the ground. This is strange since my dreams are normally non consistent in regards to whatever. However, when it comes to this, it is consistent for the most part; the only unconsistencies is that it was word activated in my eariler dreams and this ability allowed me to go though parallel worlds or stop time (l don't remember.)

And no, I am not crazy. Just curious if anyone has a consistent power in their dreams like flying or whatever.

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  • I often have dreams that I can fly, or there is some superhero element involved in them yes... But at some point in the dream I realize it isnt real... so I fall out of the sky or lose my powers or some other such thing, and I wake up pissed off. ;)

  • I once had a dream where I had generic powers and went on a rampage destroying armies and buildings etc.

  • In my fantasy, I don't really have superpowers, other than the power to be AWESOME, but I'm a dimension hopper, working for an agency or something to help out others in need in parallel universes. You see, once you have superpowers, these powers won't be as awesome anymore, since you yourself have them. However, if you live in a world that's full of heroes, you can wonder in awe as you walk around doing your job, saving the world from whatever they need being saved from.

    But in my dreams I have the power of dying. Or something. Oh, and everything is a video game. Especially zombie apocalypses. I have yet to see a zombie apocalypse dream that's not a video game.

  • Does having the ability to use anything and anybody as a shield count?

    However the majority of the time, in my dreams, I am mentally and physically disabled. A typical dream might involve running 1/3th the speed of an old lady, out to kill me, and also losing my wallet.

    I am a sitting duck, and everyone and everything is out to get me.

  • @crazydreams... said: And for some reason someone's always trying to kill me?

    Oh god the way that was worded made me burst into laughter

  • I thought I'd already responded here, but apparently not. Anyway, I usually don't have super powers in my dreams. My dreams are either really boring and about school, really weird and I never remember them, or extremely terrifying and about school.

    Though there was one time when I was super fast...or maybe everyone else was really slow. Either one. It was really awesome though. So awesome, in fact, that my subconscious has blockaded it out of my memory and prevented me from ever having that dream again.

  • I don't remember most of my dreams, but I've dreamt about these powers several times:

    Super floaty moon jumping (while on Earth)

  • I don't often realize I'm dreaming when I dream. However, at least twice I can remember realizing that I was dreaming and then deciding that, since it was my dream, I could do whatever I wanted including being able to fly.

  • I am, as many of you already know, the local superhero for the Telltale Forums. Pointing Out the obvious because nobody else can/wants to.

    I did, however, once have a dream where I could fly. Then I woke up and I found out that all I actually did during that dream was grow a stupid pair of wings. These things tickle and make it a pain to sit in a chair with a back. They look awesome though.

  • I always dream that i was working which i worked daytime...

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