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Invalid Password + Order Doesn't Exist = No D/L

posted by KateTheKitten on - last edited - Viewed by 245 users

Hi Everyone,

After debating with myself for a few weeks, I finally decided to bite the bullet and spend the $40ish to get Season One plus the bonus disc. I paid through PayPal and was brought to the download page, which looked simple enough.

However, when I clicked the "Download" button on any of the episodes, it asked for my order number and password. Which I entered, but got a message that the password wasn't correct (I was using my regular log-in password, as I wasn't prompted to create a password during checkout). So I clicked the button to get the right password, and got a message that the order number wasn't correct.

I've already e-mailed Support, but I was looking forward to a lazy Saturday of gaming and am frustrated about being out $38 without a game until they respond. Has anyone else experienced this?


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