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[BTTF] Episode 5 crashes when the Delorean disappears

posted by 85bttf on - last edited - Viewed by 359 users

Anybody else having crash problems when the Delorean Edna uses vanishes after shes hauled off to jail??? :-(

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  • @85bttf said: Anybody else having crash problems when the Delorean Edna uses vanishes after shes hauled off to jail??? :-(

    Not me. Even before the patch version with the Glass House Fix, I never had any problem with this scene.

  • you have my save game in post 3 to skip this part of game...

  • No, no this is after you find Edna/Mary and go back to 1876 to stop her from burning down Hill Valley accidentally. You go back to the 30's after you place the Flux mods on her vehicle and she gets hauled off. Once Marty asks Doc about the other Delorean and Doc explains that itll disappear in 5, 4, 3, 2 and it shows it glow, right then my game crashes. This needs fixing, whats after that part????

  • nothing... this is end of game... no saves for this... there is only videos.... or vait, maybe is saving opportunity when talking with trixie and artie

    maybe your windows settings is wrong to automatically close unresponding applications?

  • How do I fix that??? Maybe this is the end of the game, im not sure yet. :-/

    It seems to only close when theres flashes in the screen, its only crashed on Doc and Marty seeing Hill Valley vanishing and the Delorean disappearing after you return back to 1930's.

  • my game crashed for a 2nd time after parker hauls edna off to jail and doc does the countdown to edna's deloreon disappearing and then it crashes. anyone have a save point from here?

  • Exactly, I knew I wasn't the only person with this issue, please Telltale release a fix for this!!! It's a great game and I would love to see the ending in game and not from a video :cool:

  • Ya not sure why it keeps doing this as i had no issues with the other 4 episodes and can't play the ps3 version of ep 5 until it is up on the psn i can't go any further

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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff

    Someone has suggested in another thread that it's a low graphics setting that causes these crashes. If you guys are running the game at a very low graphics setting (say below 5), can you crank it up to 5 and see if that gets you through?

  • THANKS SO MUCH PUZZLEBOX!!!! That made it work, who knew i just had to boost the graphics despite the lagging of my outdated laptop! :-P:cool::cool::cool:

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