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Suggestion for a MacGyver game

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Would this not be the most awesome game? I mean, episodes of MacGyver were already very much like adventure games that it seems like a sensible fit. Plus it could be mildly non-linear in that you could find junk of all kinds and use different pieces to create different methods to overcome the various obstacles/baddies. I don't see why Richard Dean Anderson couldn't be brought back as either MacGyver himself, or maybe as an older Mac narrating the adventures of his younger self.

The hardest part would be that so many of MacGyver's creations were reliant on a knowledge of physics and chemistry that probably most people don't have. Therefore, there would probably have to be some kind of easy-to-use reference guide that could be accessed at any time, but it would have to be general enough so that it doesn't out and out tell people what to do and take the challenge out of the game. The instructions should probably also be general enough so that people don't go around trying that stuff at home. The show almost always used real physics/science, but didn't use specifics so that kids couldn't do that themselves.

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  • I posit that this would never work because the puzzles would be mind-bendingly impossible.

    In the first episode of the series alone, MacGyver uses a chocolate bar to plug a sulphuric acid leak (the sugar forming a sticky paste as it reacts to the acid) and mixing sodium in a cold pill to create a bomb.

    Hardly anyone would ever think to mix items like that together, even in an adventure game where there's little else to do but use everything on everything else. The only real solution would be to signpost how to do such things prior to it being needed, but that's not really in keeping with the MacGyver style.

  • I dunno. I think Telltale should stick to making games about fictional characters.

    Wait, MacGyver isn't real?

  • Wait, McGyver was a real show? I'd only heard about it in a simpsons episode, so I assumed it was a fake show!

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