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Another free Puzzle Agent? Nooooooo...

posted by peta007 on - last edited - Viewed by 208 users

I have bought almost every game which is possible to buy here (I have spent quite some money here :-). I have bought originally Puzzle Agent on Steam. I got another copy as free gift with my Hector preorder. I have asked Amy to change my code to be giftable and I have managed to give it away finally (it is not easy for me, as I'm living in non English speaking country and games here are not localized into my mothers tongue).

I have a question. Is TellTale able to motivate me to do future preorders or not? I'm generally not interested in any more copies of Puzzle Agents. I may be interested in some smaller games which I don't have already... This problem is a reason for me NOT to preorder Puzzle Agent 2 - I don't want to buy anything I have not use for, so I will wait for another sale and buy PA2 later for very discounted price :-)
If there will be for example S&M4, and you will be giving eg. S&M1 for free with preorder there will e the same problem again. So is there any systematic approach to that? Can I have some other benefit from future preorders?

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